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Artist Icon Der Letzte seiner Art (2009)
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Calendar Icon 2009


Genre Icon Hip-Hop


Mood Icon Confrontational


Style Icon German Rap


Theme Icon Street Life


Speed Icon Medium

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Der Letzte seiner Art is the fourth solo album by rapper Afrob. The album was released four years after Afrob's album Hammer in September 2009 via his own label G-Lette Music and spent one week at number 70 in the German Media Control Charts. Several producers were involved in the creation of the album: Rafik (Du weißt (was ich will)), Montana Beats (Mein Kampf) as well as on four songs each: Bock auf'n Beat and Sebastian Bazee Wohlgemuth. Furthermore, DJ Rocky produced three songs, Terrance and Sholar one song each. The album has many guest appearances, for example Cassandra Steen, Brixx and Sarah contributed a hook, the rapper Lisi is represented with a hook as well as a verse. Afrob's long-time companions Dean Dawson, Samy Deluxe and DJ Rocky are also involved, as well as new guests such as Jayson Biggz and Camouflow.
The first promo single Wo sind die Rapper hin? was released in June 2009. In September, the second single "Was wollt ihr?" followed. On "Wo sind die Rapper hin?!" Afrob shows his current view of the German hip-hop scene. (Quote: "I give an autograph, they take the photos with mobile phones/ They recognize me, no matter in which stealth mode/ He's the last of his kind, please shut the fuck up/ I push rap in our circle and never with the teen press") Was wollt ihr? takes up the topic of politics and social grievances. Among other things, it deals with rising unemployment, parents who make mistakes in bringing up their children and the Middle East conflict.
Gief Konjunkturpaket VI takes up the topic of the Middle East conflict again. (Quote: "It was a long time ago and I was talking about Arabs/ Israelis are still killing babies in Gaza/ Imagine if someone came to your country/ sent you to a camp, a stranger in your own country/ robbed you of the basis of your existence/ Nobody asked, with the power of the UN/.../ I am not against Jews and against Israel policy/ if you say something like that, you are not an anti-Semite/ Innocent people died in a suicide bombing/ is the answer another mass grave?")
On Mein Kampf, Afrob deals with unemployment. Here he links this problem with the fact that many rappers earn very little money at a time when their hobby or profession is very time-consuming and hardly offers any room for another real job, but on the other hand almost nobody buys CDs anymore. (Quote: "I saw 1000 rappers coming, thinking it was their time/ The campaign is running, but not to their satisfaction/ German rappers are getting smarter and smarter, have high school diplomas/.../ No matter if they're from the street, with zero education and lots of drugs/ "Yes, we can!" is not a new slogan for us")
Spektakulär 2009 is a follow-up to the song of the same name from Afrob's first album "Rolle mit Hip Hop". ("Here I sit again with a pad and paper/ 4 years without a record, I'm so highly motivated/ I'm so committed and so highly talented/ The cake is in the oven with the baking paper/.../ I'm doing my thing, I'm 31 years old and have a child/ Everything changes/.../ I'm making myself big, watch me grow/ Man, you're in my way, yo, I need more space")
After the album was announced for September in May 2009, the first single "Wo sind die Rapper hin?" from the album was available to download free of charge from calendar week 24. There was also a competition on Afrob's official website under the motto "The last of its kind". Videos were made for two of the album's tracks. The first clip for "Wo sind die Rapper hin?!" was released in June 2009. This was followed in September by the video for "Was wollt ihr?", which was completely in black and white. Afrob organized a tour for the album in November 2009, which began on 5 November with a concert in Mainz and ended after five concerts on 20 November in Trier. In addition, Afrob was able to draw attention to his album in various TV shows, including a guest appearance on on3-südwild, a program on Bayerischer Rundfunk, where he presented two songs from the album live. He was also featured in the ZDF documentary Dis wo ich herkomm - Die Deutschlandreise von Samy Deluxe. In this documentary, the organization Crossover e.V. organized a tour of Germany together with Samy Deluxe, on which five young people accompanied Samy Deluxe on his two-week trip through Germany. He also took part in the final live discussion about the trip.
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