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Ava Max
Heaven & Hell
Kings & Queens
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"Kings & Queens" is a song by American singer Ava Max, released on March 12, 2020 through Atlantic Records. It is the fifth single from her debut studio album Heaven & Hell (2020). The song was written by Max, Brett McLaughlin, Desmond Child, Hillary Bernstein, Jakke Erixon, Madison Love, Mimoza Blinsson, and producers Cirkut and RedOne. The song utilized an electric guitar with synthesizers, and contained lyrics expressing the message of women's empowerment.

"Kings & Queens" received generally favorable reviews from music critics, many of whom praised the production, guitar solo, and lyrics. The single peaked at number one in Israel and Poland, while also charting on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number 13, and on the UK Singles Chart at number 19. The music video was released on March 27, 2020, and is directed by Isaac Rentz. It depicts a Khaleesi-inspired Max dancing in a heaven-themed throne room alongside a group of dancers, while also feasting at a banquet. A second version of the song featuring Lauv and Saweetie titled "Kings & Queens, Pt. 2" was released on August 6, 2020.
A visualizer was released along with the song on March 12, 2020, which depicts Max as a queen holding a glass of champagne and sword, with a royal deck of cards. She confirmed on the song's release date that she already filmed the official music video, describing it as "very colorful, super fun, crazy dancing, and a big celebration", and likened it to a rainbow. The music video was released on March 27, 2020, and is directed by Isaac Rentz. Max is seen dancing in a heaven-themed throne room with a group of dancers, as she was inspired by Khaleesi from American television series Game of Thrones, and wanted to portray an Amazonian queen surrounded by warriors. Max and Rentz used a moodboard to list several ideas for the feminist-themed music video, with the former often texting ideas to the latter during the night to ensure that it would be perceived as "authentic and personal". Max envisioned the video to be "royal, but in a modern, futuristic kind of way", to ensure that it would feel simple.

The video opens with Max holding a sword between her legs as she sits on a golden throne. She then organizes a banquet, in which several dancers begin drinking champagne and eating food, before performing a dance sequence. During the pre-bridge guitar solo, the dancers wield electric axes.

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