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El préstamo
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"El Préstamo" (English: "The Loan") is a song recorded by Colombian singer Maluma. It was released on 9 March 2018, as the third single from Maluma's upcoming third studio album F.A.M.E. (2018). It was written by Maluma, Bryan Lezcano, Kevin Jimenez and Edgar Barrera, and was produced by the Rude Boyz.

The music video for "El Préstamo" premiered on 9 March 2018 on Maluma's Vevo account on YouTube. It was directed by Jessy Terrero and it features American model Jenny Watwood. The video begins with Maluma and his girlfriend (Watwood) in a motel room where he is having a call and then tells Watwood to be prepared for tomorrow. The video then shifts to Maluma and Watwood entering a bank disguised as a wealthy couple in order to gain access to the bank's safe. Putting their plan into motion, he and Watwood break into the bank that night using a red gas bomb and proceed to steal a large amount of money. As Maluma and Watwood escape, two police cars approach them with Watwood overpowering them with a gun. The video ends with Watwood who betrays Maluma by abandoning him to the police, keeping the money for herself and the video cuts to black with the words "To Be Continued" just as he is ordered to come out with his hands up, thus leaving his fate unknown.

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Jessy Terrero

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Sony Music Latin


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