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Way Down We Go
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A sensation in their homeland of Iceland, Kaleo is now amassing a following in the U.S., even with just a couple singles to credit. Since moving to the States, their first single, “All the Pretty Girls”, has been played more than four million times on Spotify. Now, with the newly released “Way Down We Go” (out on Atlantic Records), it seems the four-piece indie/rock/folk outfit is wanting to establish just how versatile they are.

It comes in striking contrast to the nearly entirely acoustic sounding song that found Jökull Júlíusson pushing his voice into a falsetto register. Instead, on “Way We Go Down”, the singer unleashes a gruff yet refined tone that is lush, overflowing with passion, packing enough emotion into his delivery that it would make even the best blues singers envious. It’s not out of place either, the blues/soul vibe being present everywhere, from the thick percussion, often accenting the lyrics, to the marvelous guitar solo, the picking and what it produces just having a fiery feel.

Nearly every piece of music written will speak to at least one person who listens, be it because they connect with the story or whatever. However, “Way Down We Go”, it’s one of those rare songs that truly makes you feel something. It doesn’t matter if you connect with it on any personal level or not, it creates an undeniable spark right from the first line, “Oh, Father, tell me, we get what we deserve…”. Each subsequent word, every proceeding note just adds kindling to what is a behemoth of a song that is sure to strike a chord with everyone who gives it a chance, simply because it captures the essence of what music is supposed to do: elicit emotions.

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