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In December 2008, The Crystal Method released the name of their first single from Divided by Night, "Drown in the Now". During the same interview, they said that the song would feature reggae rapper Matisyahu, whom they had met earlier.
In a more recent interview, The Crystal Method talked about how they had met Matisyahu. Apparently, before playing a show in British Columbia, Matisyahu's tour manager approached The Crystal Method and asked if they would be willing to play a show onstage with him. Ken and Scott thought it was a cool idea. Matisyahu came by The Crystal Method's trailer and they (The Crystal Method) played the song "High Roller", off of Vegas for Matisyahu. Matisyahu thought it was great, and performed a show with The Crystal Method onstage an hour later. This performance can be found on YouTube. After this performance, The Crystal Method knew that they had wanted to work with him on the new album. Scott Kirkland states: "He delivered something unique that helped create a great vibe for the rest of the album."

During the December interview, The Crystal Method said that the new new single would be released in mid to late April.

In a 2009 interview, Scott Kirkland stated that the song was "very dark and galvanizing" and that he thinks that fans will like it.
On March 21, 2009, DJ Demko played the entire song, "Drown In the Now" on his nightly radio show on Z-104.5, a radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Two days later, the segment of the radio show when "Drown In the Now" was played was made into a video and uploaded onto Youtube.

April 14, 2009 was the official release date of "Drown in the Now". Released on iTunes, the single only contains one track, "Drown in the Now", which runs for 5:49.
On April 22, the music video for the song was premiered on Yahoo. The video has a shortened version of the song, and is in black and white and partially animated. The video includes Matisyahu, who is walking through the snowy abandoned streets of New York City.

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