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Despite its dark lyrical themes "Aeroplane" is one of the more accessible and upbeat songs on One Hot Minute, with a funk slap bass line and child choral vocals from Flea's daughter Clara and her classmates. The second verse of the song refers to American band Mazzy Star's song "Into Dust" and its lead singer Hope Sandoval with the lyrics "Hey girl, I'm turning into dust again/My melancholy baby/The star of Mazzy must/push her voice inside of me".

On the CD single, the live B-sides "Backwoods" and "Me and My Friends" incorrectly list John Frusciante and Chad Smith as co-writers of the songs. Both songs were written with Hillel Slovak and Jack Irons before John Frusciante and Chad Smith joined the band.

The single peaked number 8 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart where "My Friends" hit number 1 and "Warped" hit number 7. It was the only crossover hit from the album hitting number 30 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart where the other 2 singles failed to do. It was also the highest charting single in the UK from the album, peaking at number 11.

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