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"Blind" is a song recorded and performed by American nu metal band Korn for their self-titled debut album. It was released as the album's first single in August 1994.

As explained by Dennis Shinn, based on the original creation of the song, while in Sexart, before it was re-recorded by Korn;

"When I created the song, and like most songs, it just randomly happens. There wasn't any authentic meaning going into the creation. However, before I presented the song to the rest of the guys in the band, I made sure I had enough material composed, to compile an entire song. The guitar riffs were ready, and the basic idea of the vocals and melody I had ready. And to finish off the actual lyrics, I wrote them in a few minutes, right in front of the other guys that same night at band practice. And to be completely honest, I didn't know what I was writing about (lyrically). I just wrote in words that naturally fit with the flow of the vocal phrasing and melody. Lyrically, it worked out, so we kept it as is." −Dennis Shinn

Jonathan Davis's personal meaning, how he connected with the song would be as said:

"It's just this monster riff, and lyrically it's about me feeling that I'm blind to people taking advantage of me, blind to my depression, just blind to everything." − Jonathan Davis

"Blind" had been written in Sexart before Jonathan Davis left the band to join Korn. The song was composed entirely by Dennis Shinn - being both music, and vocal melodies / lyrics, in December 1992. Once Shinn had the song ready, he introduced the song to the other guys at band practice. From that point, Ryan Shuck added in one music section (acting as a bridge). Shuck's bridge contribution followed the extremely popular song opening riff composed by Dennis Shinn. Shuck's bridge divided the popular intro riff from the vocal section of the song. His bridge came back around after the vocal section ended as well. Shuck's contribution landed on both Sex Art's recorded demo of "Blind", as well as Korn's recorded demo of "Blind". However, once the 1994 Korn LP was being recorded, the music part written by Shuck was removed. On the Sex Art recorded demo, following Shucks bridge, the song then dropped into an extensive musical (Bridge) that built up before the closing out of the song. The entire section (bridge) was musically composed by Ray Solis. This area of music by Solis was not recorded on the Korn demo, nor album.

Korn's contribution came once they re-recorded the song for their debut album LP 1994. Even though the song was completed by Sexart, Korn added an extended song intro, utilizing drum cymbals, and an added small Bass-Line. Their addition acted as an intro that led into the original intro composed by Sexart. Also, Korn applied a small musical change away from Sexart's version, which landed under the vocal chorus "I'm so blind" lyric. That change didn't occur until the Korn LP was recorded. SexArt's original music piece was present on Korn's demo Neidermayer's Mind 1993. Korn also tailored the song ending, being the bass coda at the end of the song quotes Cypress Hill's song "Lick a Shot". The ending, technically, had nothing to do with the actual song itself. Jonathan Davis and his music group Korn utilized this song on the album without crediting the original songwriters Dennis Shinn, and or Ryan Shuck. However, both Dennis Shinn and Ryan Shuck were later credited on the Greatest Hits Vol.1 compilation album when the song was used on that LP., as well as being creditied on multiple products that contain the song.

"It was Korn's professional production that brought the song to life". −Dennis Shinn

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