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"Surfin' USA" is a song performed by the Beach Boys featuring lyrics by Brian Wilson set to the music of "Sweet Little Sixteen," written by Chuck Berry. "Surfin' USA" was released as a single on March 4, 1963. It also appeared on the 1963 album Surfin' USA. It debuted on network television via The Steve Allen Show broadcast two days before release with the band lip-synching it. It peaked at #2 in the chart of the Music Vendor trade paper (within a year renamed Record World), #3 in Billboard and Cash Box. The B-side of the single is "Shut Down". The song features Mike Love on lead vocals.

It was revived in 1977 by teen idol Leif Garrett for a top 20 hit in the USA, and featured in the hit 1985 Michael J. Fox comedy Teen Wolf.

The song features Brian Wilson's surfing-related lyrics set to the music of Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen". According to Wilson,

"I was going with a girl called Judy Bowles, and her brother Jimmy was a surfer. He knew all the surfing spots. I started humming the melody to 'Sweet Little Sixteen' and I got fascinated with the fact of doing it, and I thought to myself, 'God! What about trying to put surf lyrics to 'Sweet Little Sixteen's melody? The concept was about, 'They are doing this in this city, and they're doing that in that city' So I said to Jimmy, 'Hey Jimmy, I want to do a song mentioning all the surf spots.' So he gave me a list."

When the single was released in 1963, the record listed Brian Wilson as the sole composer although the song was published by Arc Music, Chuck Berry's publisher. Later releases, beginning with Best of The Beach Boys in 1966, listed Chuck Berry as the songwriter. Later releases list both writers although the copyright has always been owned, since 1963, by Arc Music. Under pressure from Berry's publisher, Wilson's father and manager, Murry Wilson, had given the copyright, including Brian Wilson's lyrics, to Arc Music.

Despite tensions with Berry over the controversy at the time, Carl Wilson said the Beach Boys "ran into Chuck Berry in Copenhagen and he told us he loves 'Surfin' USA'."

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