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The Beach Boys
Do It Again
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"Do It Again" is a song written by Brian Wilson and Mike Love for the American rock band The Beach Boys. It was first released as a single by The Beach Boys in 1968 on Capitol Records. The song was recorded in May and June 1968 and was included on the band's 1969 album 20/20. The B-side of the single release was "Wake the World". The song was produced by Brian and Carl Wilson. It features Mike Love on lead vocals.

The lyrics to the song, originally entitled "Rendezvous", were inspired after a day Mike had spent at the beach in which he had gone surfing with an old friend named Bill Jackson. Mike then showed the lyrics to Brian, who proceeded to write the music to Mike's lyrics of nostalgia. Brian has stated in the past that he believes the song was the best collaboration that he and Mike ever did.

Many critics and fans noted the return to the surfing style, which the band had generally avoided since 1964. Carl later explained the transition back to their old style in Melody Maker:

"Yes, I suppose it has got the old Beach Boys surfing sound. It's back to that surfing idea with the voice harmony and the simple, direct melody and lyrics. We didn't plan the record as a return to the surf or anything. We just did it one day round a piano in the studio. Brian had the idea and played it over to us. We improved on that and recorded it very quickly, in about five minutes. It's certainly not an old track of ours; in fact it was recorded only a few weeks before it was released. We liked how it turned out and decided to release it."

After the release of the "Do It Again" single, many critics welcomed the return back to the band's former style. Penny Valentine noted the transition back to their former ways and gave a glowing review of the single in Britain's Disc & Music Echo:

"This is a vast improvement on The Beach Boys' last single, and thank goodness for it. It sounds like bees humming on a summer breeze and is so completely solid; there isn't room for a fly to creep in. It goes on very gently and easily and is very, very pleasant. In a way it reminds me of one of the tracks off Pet Sounds, which is nice to say the least, and a hit it will most certainly be. I can imagine a few people will be muttering, 'Well, she said they were finished,' but I didn't. I said they should get back to their competent, commercial sound and they have. So there."

In 2011 the surviving Beach Boys; Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks came together in the studio to re-record Do it Again as part of their 50th anniversary celebration. The rerecorded version featured Mike Love (verses) and Brian Wilson (bridge) on lead vocals.

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