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White Shadows
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"White Shadows" is a song by British alternative rock band Coldplay and is the third track and sixth overall single on their 2005 album, X&Y. The release of the single in June 2007 resulted in just under half of the songs from the album becoming singles. It was produced by the band and their longtime producer Ken Nelson. The song features synthesizers played by Brian Eno and engineered by Rich Costey.

In September 2006, it was announced through a question and answer section at that "White Shadows" would be the fifth single released from X&Y in Australia. This would have made it the sixth song overall to be released from the album, following the limited releases of "The Hardest Part" and "What If". Weeks later it was reported on the band's official message board that "White Shadows" would not be the next single. This came not long after they decided not to release a DVD of a June 2006 performance in Toronto. No reasons were ever given.

Although "White Shadows" was not released as a worldwide single, the song was released as a radio-only single in Mexico in June 2007 to promote the band's Latin America Tour.

Despite the song's low profile release in mid-2007, critics were positive, even before the track was officially released as a single. In the Entertainment Weekly review of the album, music contributor David Browne wrote that the line "part of a system I am, I am" from the chorus is a reference to the band's "celestial" sound. Michael Hubbard of MusicOMH assumed that the "system" referred to in this line was "Capitalism ... with fair trade fluffiness attached", noting that Chris Martin does not write songs for a "specialist audience". Hubbard also noted that "White Shadows" segues into the next song on the X&Y album, "Fix You". Adrien Begrand from PopMatters described "White Shadows" as "terrific". Begrand also wrote that "'White Shadows' and the aptly titled 'Low' both draw slightly from Berlin-era David Bowie".

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