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Posted: 13 Apr 2021 05:30
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Hi everyone

Ampache ( has at the moment a very simple plugin using the old (before patreon) API and i've just bought a key for a year to look at expanding on this and making it actually usable for additional metadata outside tracks and images.

The plugin is part of the main project so it's included in every release.

Things i would probably like to do:
* rating and love sync with TAdb (both ways but initially like love ratings client -> tadb)
* adding more sources for place formed, bio, artist details outside (which is pretty terrible)
* get charts and similar songs from here and produce lists/smartlists in ampache matching the user library
* add the ability to store tadb id's (+other sites like discogs) instead of just musicbrainz id's
* add musicvideo links (if available) somehow to the artist pages.

Just thought seeing as it's a board for 3rd party tools i'd share the plans here.

Posted: 14 Apr 2021 21:37
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Very cool to see you looking at the more advanced API features. Just let me know if you need anything extra or changed. I know a few Ampache users have come on here to contribute specifically from the software over the years.

Posted: 23 Apr 2021 06:43
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We've spent a lot of time just bringing the general codebase up to scratch but now we're looking at making things much easier for meta plugins to update your database.

Will post new threads for specific issues, challenges and requests but i'm actually just looking forward to giving you a bit of support though the project.

👍 zag
Posted: 28 Oct 2021 08:25
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I've put a new update in for our plugin.

We'll connect and update place formed year formed and name for artists based on mbid lookup.

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