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Artwork submission for 2,000 artists (3,300 thumb + fanart) missing from TADB

Posted: 19 Nov 2020 19:53
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Attached find artwork (thumbs & fanart) for 2,000 artists (3,300 thumbs + fanart) that did not scrape into my database with the Kodi default scrapers (i.e., missing from the scraped databases). I started collecting missing images Nov. 2, 2020 so databases may have been updated since that time.

With very few exceptions the spelling of artist names have been validated on discogs. I included a thumb image for all artists even if I couldn't find a faceshot (usually an album cover if no good portrait). There are approx. 2 dozen of these ''filler'' thumb images. I only included a fanart if I could find a good one (sometimes just a larger thumb with padding, but mostly real fan art).

Thumbs are 700 x 700. Fanart are 1280 x 720. All are jpeg. If I resized images to default dimensions I did not distort image aspect ratios: I padded vertical or horizontal dimensions to reach default dimensions.

There were certain artist names that applied to multiple musicians / groups. I selected the image of the artists applicable for the songs in my collection. There are about a dozen of these cases (mostly doo wop artists).

I downloaded images using duckduckgo image search, and avoided images that were clearly marked as copyrighted in that medium (e.g., getty images). My investigation of copyright status went no further. Major sources for images included: wikipedia, amazon, youtube, discogs, lastfm and many wordpress & blog entries.

Posted: 29 Nov 2020 20:21
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Nice! thanks.

We can only import from musicbrainz, not discogs so that might explain some of them.

But I would urge you to import the artists using the Add top menu button if possible so it benefits everyone.

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