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Global Unique IDs, or Unique IDs per Object Type?

Posted: 22 Aug 2022 02:39
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Quick question about TADB IDs used for artists/albums/tracks.

Obviously an ID for one artist will be unique to distinguish it from all other artist IDs. Same for albums and tracks.

BUT, are IDs unique in-general? Like there's only ONE OBJECT with the ID?

For example, is there:
An Artist with the ID 111111
An Album with the ID 111111
A Track with the ID 111111

Or is there only ONE object with the ID 111111, period regardless of the type?

Are IDs unique and only used once, period? Or are IDs reused across the various object types?

Posted: 25 Aug 2022 09:33
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All ID's for Artist, Album and Tracks are unique and permanent yes.

The only exception is when an Artist, Album or Track is deleted and re-imported. But this is very rare.

👍 codejp3

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