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Hi, I'm Starboy, an extradimensional pirate-DJ, on the run from ICU Holdings, the largest copyright enforcers in the 4th dimension.

While I was on my way to one of the best places to pick up new music, Planet Earth, I began to notice some kind of interference while listening to my favorite mixtape "Dreamcorp. Inc."

Curious as to what could cause such a disturbance, I stopped, logged my inquiry, and exited the Marble Phantasm. (My 4 dimensional craft that appears as a ladder in 3d space, or so these manuals tell me)

As I passed through the veil I could feel my memories being stripped away in what felt like an instant and eternity all at once. The trauma of the experience forced my body to collapse upon entering 3 dimensional space, leaving my vessel and I drifting off into the abyss.

I awoke before an unseen realm, it's only evidence of existence being the light that bends around it.

Somehow I've held on to a shred of my former self, the memory of my tunes.

Confused, afraid, and unaware of who or where I was, I scrambled to search my suits HUD for clues.

From what I've gathered in the few logs that were relevant, I'm in trouble.

The disturbance clearly interrupted my transition to 3d form and caused the loss of my memories.

I've been separated from the Marble Phantasm and my bio-signal cloaking device, the Timeless Wonder, is missing as well.

There's this lingering feeling that if I can just hear my songs again, maybe it'll all start to come back, but if I don't find them both soon, ICU will find me and my mixtape and memories will be lost forever.

I at least have to try, so here I go.

Embarking on a journey into the unknown.
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