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[KODI] Streaming radio helper

Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:27 pm

OK, so, this was originally written for Kodi 16 but works with 17 & 18 (skin mods needed for all 3 versions).

Kodi as it stands just displays the track name and artist when playing streaming (internet) radio. This addon can enhance that experience by downloading artist thumbs, logos and banners as well as track and artist info. Best results will be obtained (on Kodi 16.x) by using my modded artistslideshow and cu.lrclyrics. Both of these are available on github, as well as a modified version of MusicVisualisation.xml for AeonMQ7. Github also includes all the necessary instructions to modify ANY skin to be able to utilise the functions this addon provides.

Radio streaming helper can optionally ;-

Reverse the artist - track data
Rename a radio station to something 'better' to your eyes ("") to "Absolute 80's")
Obtain artist thumbs, logos (all cached locally), track info, album title and album info.

Fall back to if no info available on TADB and lookup info on there.

Source code : ... ing.helper

Modded aeonMQ7 MusicVisualisation.xml : ... sation.mod (kodi v16.x)

Mode AeonMQ6 for Kodi 16.x : ... eaming-mod

Radio streaming helper will make your streamed radio station look as close to a locally played music file as possible. It will fetch artist thumbs (including featured artists), artist logos, track info, artist info, album info (including album year) and present it all to a skin so that any streaming radio song will look much like a locally played song (skin edits needed for this).


Streaming radio helper (with skin mods) can make your songs played on streamed radio stations look like locally played music, along with thumbs, logos, track info etc.

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Re: [KODI] Streaming radio helper

Sat Sep 08, 2018 4:03 pm

Sounds pretty cool, do you have any screenshots to show it off?

Hopefully one day someone will modify the default skin for this as well!

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Re: [KODI] Streaming radio helper

Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:01 am

Yes, streaming radio can make your songs played on streaming radio stations look like locally played music, along with thumbs, logos, track info etc.

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