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Fadl Shaker (Arabic: فضل شاكر) was born on April 1, 1969 in Saida in south Lebanon (Ibn EL Genoob). He now lives in small town in Beirut called "Marta'ala."

Fadl showed talent at a young age, and his professional musical career began in the early 1990s. He has toured widely as a singer, often organizing private parties and performing concerts in nightclubs. He has sung for many Arab music legends, including Um Kalthoom, Abdul Haleem Hafez, Fareed El Atrash, Mohamed Abdul Wahab, and many others.

Fadl Shaker's wife, Nadia, is from Palestine. They have two children: a boy, Mohamed, and a girl, Alhan. They are also expecting a third child.

In 1997, Fadl's musical career really took off when he signed a contract with Stallions Company, a famous recording label in Beirut. They agreed to produce three albums for Fadl, and this was when Fadl began to receive more recognition for his music.

In 1998, Fadl Shaker released his first album through Stallions Company. It was entitled "Wallah Zaman," and it included eight songs, including "Meta Habeby Meta" and "Nazra Wahda." The album featured famous composing talents such as Salah El Sharnoby and Ahmed Sheta.

Fadl's second album, "Baya'a El Qolob," was released in 1999. Within a few days, the first single from the album reached #1 on the charts. Due to huge sales, Fadl decided to shoot music videos for two of the songs on the album, "Baya'a El Qolob" and "Eesheqtak."

After the success of his sophomore album, Fadl Shaker became an Arabic superstar on the music scene. His third album, entitled "El Hob El Adem," was released in 2000. It included the famous single "Ash Men Shafak," and it was not long before this album also topped the charts.

His next solo album, "Hobak Khayal," was released in 2001. It contained ten songs and was released through the Al Khoyoul Company. Singles from this album included "Hazzak Ya Qalby," "Men Kotr Hoby Feek," and "El Maraya."

In 2002, Fadl recorded and released his first duet with the well-known Khalijian singer, Nawal. For five months, this song topped the charts and sales records in the Arabic world, and it was chosen by critics as the best duet. A music video of the song was also produced, and it was directed by Ahmed El Doghajy.

Fadl Shaker is also a composer, and he has composed several songs on his own albums, including "Meta Habeby Meta," "Maserak Habeby," and "Ya Tkon Habeby." He plans to compose more songs for his future solo albums.

Fadl is proud of his Arabic identity, which is reflected in the songs he sings. He never uses any Western melodies in his works, and he tries to forge his own style without copying Western singers.

Fadl has won many awards from several different Arabic countries for his music. In just four years (1998-2002), he has become one of the best known Arabic music stars. He has earned the nickname "Malek El Romansia," or "The King of Romance," from his many fans.

When he has time, Fadl's hobbies include fishing in his own boat in the lovely city of Saida; playing the piano; enjoying all kinds of water sports; and listening to music, both old and new, with his wife and children.

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