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Sharyn Maceren glided onto the music scene when she was just a teen releasing her first single, "Hard to Get" (the S Factor). As both the sole vocalist and songwriter of the infectuously catchy record, it was one of her greatest accomplishments when it landed at #32 on the BILLBOARD charts┬░. On her purposeful and steady climb, Sharyn subsequently released another self-composed single titled, "One and One", (this time under her own name) and once again received support from major radio stations, including one of San Francisco's top stations, WiLD 94.9 FM. With two solid singles under her belt and an impressive lineup of shows and appearances, Sharyn proved to be an artist who has the potential to be in the game for the long run.

Producer Glenn Gutierrez (known for his works with Jocelyn Enriquez, Jaya, Stevie B.) witnessed that potential for himself. With the desire to work together and after months of heavy negotiating, Sharyn was picked up by Glenn's record label, Planet Hype, (home to R&B group, "Pinay" and Latin Dance Diva, "M:G") which was built with partners JP Nebres and Matt Villacarte. Sharyn's debut album would soon become Glenn's first project under the Planet Hype flagship.

The album which was titled, "Always Dreamin", evolved into a lush collection of Dance, Pop, and R&B music. Sharyn decided to name it that because 'Always Dreamin' was the one song on the CD that said everything about how she felt at the time. "Although my passion to make my dreams come true grew stronger as time went by, I seriously had a one track mind ever since I was a little girl. Everything revolved around music... making music, enjoying music... trying to get in the music biz." She adds, "In essence, "Always Dreamin" is the perfect caption for who I am at heart."

It is that heart and that voice that quickly launched her latest single, "When The Record Spins". Jazzy Jim, SF's legendary DJ, played the funktified dance track directly off the album and broke Sharyn's record before it was officially released. Afterwards, the single continued to get airplay during Jazzy's 5 O'clock Traffic Jam (hosted by St. John) and Jose Melendez' "WiLD Workout At Noon". Steadily, another Sharyn Maceren single would make its way to stations across the country.

Soon, "Always Dreamin" was sold out in stores. With all lyrics and melodies composed by the songstress herself, it was amazing to see her album ranking in the Top 1% at major retailers, including Demonstrating that her music can stand side by side amongst all major label releases, Sharyn proved what JV of the notorious "Doghouse" had thought all along. During their highly listened to morning show, JV predicted On-air, "There will be nothing left on the shelves... I guarantee it!"

Aside from her immense musical talent, which also includes producing and playing the piano, Sharyn is probably known just as much for her down to earth nature. Performing and making appearances just about every single weekend, Sharyn always takes time to meet with her listeners. Sharyn reveals, "I have the coolest fans! They are so sweet... and I love it when they analyze my music. I always get surprised because I can't imagine so many people paying attention to what I'm saying."

But with lyrics on songs like "A Little More Time" , "New" [As if we've never touched before/Like I'm a stranger at your door/Pretend you're wanting to explore"] and "In Just One Night" [Ain't it funny how life is/ I used to be the one/ Always worried 'bout if he/ Was creepin' with someone/ Then it ends up that I am/ The one I always feared] --- how can one not pay attention? In every track, Sharyn grabs you with clever and innovative storytelling.

Musically, Sharyn more often than not brings fun, energetic and melodic tracks to the plate. On songs like "A Love Divine" and "Ain't No Love", however, Sharyn slows it down a bit and reveals her passion for R&B music. On the candid "Sharyn Uncovered" track, Sharyn displays a day in the life of recording as she prepared to capture Keyboard-and-Vocal-Only segments of several tracks on the CD. Not knowing her chitchat was going to make it in, this session developed a series of bloops and blunders as well as numerous "Behind the Scenes" conversations with Glenn. While Sharyn could've easily cut the mishaps out of the picture, Sharyn decided to keep them on the album because she noticed that it not only offered an even more personal touch to the record but it also revealed another side to this sweetsexyreal Bay Area artist. It ended up revealing her goofy side!

When Sharyn's not busy sharing the stage with artists like Frankie J., Natalise, and One Vo1ce, she continually remains busy working on production for her 2nd album and writing music for other artists.

Because, as Sharyn always says, "It's all about the music..."

┬░ Billboard Hot Dance Maxi-Singles Sales Chart, peaking at #32 Read more on

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