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Magda Femme - Polish singer of pop music. Songwriter and composer. Initially it was associated with Ich Troje, and opusz combined team took a solo career. Magda Femme is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz. She lives in Warsaw. In the years 1995-2001 was the lead vocalist of Ich Troje. Twice participated in the National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest: in 2003 during the first National Selection for the Eurovision Song Contest sang his own composition "I Believe in You", together with vocalist Martin and his Koczot Spotlight team. in 2006 the song "Follow My Heart" sung by Ich Troje and Magda Femme took first place in the qualifying Eurovision song Contest. As a result, in May this year with Ich Troje, Justyna Majkowska and realmccoy represented Poland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens, ranking 11th in the semifinals. Her first solo album under the title of empiricism was recorded in 2000, when she was still Femme singer Three of them. The album produced Bartosz Dziedzic and Maciej Werk (Hedone). Texts addition Femme posted: Lech Janerka and Adam Smith from the band One, Two, Three. The second solo album titled 5000 thoughts has sold approx. 32,000 copies and received the status of "Golden Record". Greatest hits from the album were songs "Conversation with the Angel" and "lie". The latter won the competition audiotele in a concert organized by TVP2. The album produced by Canadian producer Chris Aiken, drummer cooperating among others with Bryan Adams. The third album titled extremalnie of pop-rock wording was released in 2004. The video for the first single from the album titled "Far away" was nominated for the Yach Film. In 2006 years Magda Femme took part in a tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band Ich Troje "Sami Swoi". the fourth album singer was the album of songs for children titled Magical musical notes was recorded in 2009. the music was composed by renowned composer and musician Janusz Tylman and words are by Magda Femme. in 2010, competed for the title Polish Hit Years 2010 song "Like a diamond" for Bydgoszcz Hit Festival, he performed a duet with Iwona wegrowska. The song took 6th place. The fifth album titled Retro Love was released in 2014. Already in the first week of digital release achieved gold status. In 2015, she recorded a song with Magda innovator entitled "Yes Man," for which he received an award as the best duet granted by Radio Fama. in 2016, the song "yes Man" was included in the "40 biggest hits of 2015" prepared by the Polish Cinema Music, occupying 28th place

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