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In the white noise of a time where pop music is endlessly booming out of millions of speakers Rest Now, Weary Head! is the first album of the band of Konstantin Gropper. Here, he invites us to lean back for a while and close our eyes. Wounds are being bandaged, scars counted. - Breathe - Meanwhile, his music is wandering. Timelessly it roams about in genres: folk and electro are walking hand in hand, classical music is sketching the distant horizon - a faint memory of long gone eras - hook lines of pop music are lying at the wayside, waiting to be touched with the slightest irony.

Konstantin has assembled his strongest pieces of three years of work on one album: here they shine with the melancholy and the gloom of those, who have gained peace and hope as they have left the eternal dance around a golden calf named progress: Take this hand now / there is no time to waste / the first gets the land / where we need to build our home / Quiet people build the hardest gold. .
The art of Konstantin concentrates in his ability to elude classification, to forge Get Well Soon anew with every single song. Glinting through are memories of sad ballads of Leonard Cohen; broken groans of Tom Waits; the laissez faire of the lost of Nick Cave, and the weightlessness of Thom Yorke.

On stage, Get Well Soon develops into an even more intensive experience: up to eight musicians are playing (guitar, bass, drums, piano, trumpets, banjo, violin..) and the intimacy of the album gains a terrific momentum.Those who come to a concert with heavy hearts and oppressed souls, go home with regained strength and confidence. It is as if another house has fallen onto the bad Witch of the East: Wake up, sleepy head! All your fear has left! Konstantin's music has seen a lot of life, his songs are young but wise - carried along by generations, to finally arrive in the eye of the storm: It's not a secret that I'm king without a land / I'm a captain without sea / So let me pretend / To find my home again. All we've got is ourselves - and one another. We're home. Get Well Soon Read more on

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