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Lausanne, Switzerland

Alternative Rock



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Favez started out in 1990 as Favez Disciples (Chris W., Guy B. and some other nice guys), the name an homage to the character portraying Steve McQueen's mechanic in the 1971 film "Le Mans". Nothing happened until they changed drummers in 1992. They released their first record ("And the World Don't Care") in 1993, in Switzerland only. They changed drummers. They released their second record, an ep called "Arrogance" in 1995. Big local success, gigs in Germany, Holland and Belgium with Scottish band Gun. Nothing else happened. Third album ("The Eloquence of the Favez Disciples") in 1997, they toured Canada with Montreal band Grim Skunk, Fig joined the band to play third guitar, nothing happened, drummer quit, in comes the mighty Freddy M. to fill the stool, name changes to FAVEZ, things start to look up. At first, Fred can't hit all that hard, so the band records an acoustic album in 1998 ("A Sad Ride On the Line Again") and stuff actually happens. Favez get a three album contract with Stickman Records (for Europe) and Doghouse Records (for the USA and Japan). German tour with Fireside. New album in 2000 ("Gentlemen Start Your Engines") recorded with John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Patti Smith, Mark Lanegan, etc...) at WaterMusicRecorders (GirlsvsBoys, Noir Desir, Jawbox, etc...) in Hoboken NJ. Fig quits playing to manage the band full time, Favez tour Germany three times, the USA twice and play all around Europe (Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain, UK, France, Austria). Bass player quits, in comes Yvan Lechef, and the rock is redelivered in a Garage Rock'n Roll spirit with John Agnello at WaterMusic again. New record sees Favez humbling to the beauty of their hometown, it is christened "(From Lausanne, Switzerland)". Fred quits, in comes the magnificent Fabrice M., and the rock gospel shall continue to be said worldwide during the year 2002. Favez is Fabrice M. (Drums), Yvan Lechef (Bass), Chris W. (Vocals and Guitar), Guy Bee (Guitar).

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