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There is more than one artist with this name 1) Heat is a band from Berlin, Germany, playing the 70's psychedelic progressive style hard rock. They released their first album "Old Sparky" in 28 September 2012 members: Drums: Marcus Töpfer Guitar: Ingo Börner Guitar: Marco Rischer Voices: Patrick Fülling Bass: Richard Behrens 2) Heat, a Christian Rap ensemble. 3) Heat, also a Christian band (but not Rap). 4) HEAT is an indie rock band in the US, formed in 2007 with the band members of Izumi on vocals, L on lead guitar, Chaos on second guitar, Kaze on bass, and Rai on the drums. They are signed on the Black Flame Production record label. It was on 2007.7.4 that they released their first mini album, Born to Be Burn. 5) Heat were a short lived dance band that released a single 7" on Gravity Records. 6) Heat was an acid techno trio fromed by Klaus Löschner (AR006351), Markus Löhr (Hubert Kah) and Robert Görl (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft). 7) Solo project by Monica Seksich, born in 1993, that explores the fundamental subject of the relationship between the feminine and the sacred and the rediscovery of the deep inner energies that spring from the mystery of femininity. Under Heat there was also three different american rapper, a rap group, a progressive trance act, a synth-pop band, a hardcore/gabber artist, a funk/soul trio from the early 80s, a garage house act, a dutch alternative rock band, an emo rock band, and two disco group, each released one single around in 1979.

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