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Edgar Wilmar Froese (born June 6, 1944 and died January 20, 2015) is an artist and electronic music pioneer, best known as the founding member of the electronic music band Tangerine Dream. Froese was born in Tilsit, East Prussia (now Sovetsk, Russia) during World War II. After showing an early aptitude for art, Froese enrolled at the Academy of the Arts in West Berlin to study painting and sculpture. In 1965, he formed a band called The Ones, which played rock and R&B standards at popular bohemian nightclubs. While playing in Spain, The Ones were invited to perform at Salvador Dali's villa in Cadaques. Froese's encounter with Salvador Dali was highly influential, inspiring him to pursue more experimental directions with his music. The Ones disbanded in 1967, having only released one single ("Lady Greengrass"/"Love of Mine"). After returning to Berlin, Froese began recruiting musicians for the free-rock band that would become Tangerine Dream. Solo Discography: * Aqua (1974) * Epsilon in Malaysian Pale (1975) * Macula Transfer (1976) * Ages (1978) * Stuntman (1979) * Kamikaze 1989 soundtrack of the German movie with Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1982) * Pinnacles (1983) * Beyond The Storm (2 Disc Set) (1995) * Introduction to the Ambient Highway (2003) * Ambient Highway Vol.1 (2003) * Ambient Highway Vol.2 (2003) * Ambient Highway Vol.3 (2003) * Ambient Highway Vol.4 (2003) * Dalinetopia (2005) * Orange Light Years (2005) * Views From A Red Train (planned for 2007) source: Wikipedia

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