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Omnia may refer to several artists, here listed in order of popularity on 1.Self-described "neoceltic pagan folk" band based in The Netherlands and Belgium 2. Electronic dance music producer from Ukraine 1. Omnia is a self-described "neoceltic pagan folk" band based in The Netherlands and Belgium and whose members (and former members) are Irish, Dutch, Indonesian, English and Belgian. Their traditional music takes on the form of various cultural routes, from places around the world such as Ireland, England and Afghanistan. They sing in Welsh, English, Irish, Breton, Finnish, German, Dutch, Latin and Hindi and play Celtic harp, mouth harp, hurdy-gurdy, bodhrán, guitar, bouzouki, didgeridoo, flutes of all kinds, bagpipes, various drums and percussion instruments. List of albums: * Sine Missione (2000) * Sine Missione 2 (2002) * 3 (2003) - EP * Crone of War (2004) * Live Religion (2005) - live album * PaganFolk (2006) * Cybershaman (2007) - remix album * Alive! (2007) * History (2007) (American sampler) - compilation * Pagan Folk Lore (2008) - live DVD * PaganFolk At The Fairy Ball (2008) - live album * World Of OMNIA (2009) * Wolf Love (2010) * Musick and Poëtree (2011) * Live on Earth (2012) * Earth Warrior (2014) Present members: Steve Sic (Steve Evans-van der Harten); Frontman, flutes, bouzouki, percussion, vocals Jenny (Jennifer Evans-Van der Harten); harp, hurdy-gurdy,hammered dulcimer, bodhran, piano, vocals Daphyd Crow (Daphyd Sens); sliding didgeridoo Rob Thunder (Rob van Barschot); Drums and percussion Satrya; DADGAD Guitar Previous members: Mitch Rozek; Drums Luka Aubri-Krieger; sliding didgeridoo Joe Hennon; DADGAD guitar Tom Spaan; drums Philip Steenbergen; DADGAD guitar Information from and Wikipedia 2. Omnia is an electronic dance music producer, his track Stick in monday was featured in the Trance Mix Mission Podcast. Man behind it all, is Evgeny Smirnov. Born in 1987, he would grow up with a diverse taste in music, loving and exploring the beauty of different genres. In the 90's, he turned his passion for EDM into a hobby and started toying around with producing programs. After discovering trance music, Evgeny knew which path to follow and started developing his sound into this direction. At the end of 2006, when Evgeny was only 20 years old, he concentrated on creating his own, quality tracks and saw big names like Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz and Above & Beyond play his tracks and remixes on the radio and during gigs. Remixes on 'Ørjan Nilsen - La Guitarra' and 'Armin van Buuren feat. Jacqueline Govaert - Never Say Never' put Omnia's name on the map.

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