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... Ja mikään ei muuttunut (1983)
Lama (1982)
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There are four artists with this name: 1. A pop-rock/electro band from Japan 2. A punk rock group from Finland 3. A musician from Ukraine 4. An electronic jazz musician from Norway 5. A jazz trio from Portugal 1. LAMA is a Japanese pop-rock/electronic band from Japan, made up of Nakamura Kouji (Supercar, ILL, NYANTORA), Furukawa Miki (Supercar), Tabuchi Hisako (NUMBER GIRL, bloodthirsty butchers, toddle), and Ushio Kensuke (agraph). After making their live debut at a show with Kimonos, their first single "Spell", the opening theme for Fuji TV's "NO.6" anime series, was released in August 2011. 2. Lama is punk band from Helsinki, Finland. Lama was first put together by Epe and Eno back in '77 but as they really didn't know how to play it didn't last for long. The second attempt, in the summer of '79 was more successful with Charlie on guitar and first Hippo, then Jere on drums. The bands first and last album (titled simply "Lama") came out in May '82. Lama recorded three singles " Totuus löytyy kaurapuurosta", "Nimetön" and "Ajatuksen loppu" and the ep "Väliaikainen". The bands last gig took place at Lepakko in December '82. It was recorded but the tapes were never released, save for a few seconds that appeared on the singles collection "Ja mikään ei muuttunut". Lama hasn't really returned but for short visits like in Puntala-rock 2005. Singer Epe was later a founding member of legendary Finnish Goth Punk band Musta Paraati. Other members played also in the band Unicef which recorded one EP called "Käkimassaa", but it was a music style very different from the Lama recordings. 3. Lama is a musician from the Ukraine. See more: Лама Homepage: 4. Lama is Nils Martin Larsen. Nils Martin Larsen is Lama. Nils Martin Larsen is a unique talent that up to now primarily has been famous for playing the keys in electronica jazz collective Jaga Jazzist, into which he was inducted at the age of eighteen. Three years down the road he has produced a handful of good songs which he presents in a world he refers to as Lamaland. On stage he has with him four other musicians who, in combination with the light design of Nils Martin's brother, create a very special audiovisual live experience. When seeing Lama live, one can't help but think of other quality acts. There's no doubt that Lama is inspired by both Sigur Rós and Mew as well as Jaga Jazzist and Kim Hiorthøy. If you like one or more of these artists, then you're sure to dig Lama. 5. LAMA is a Portuguese jazz trio. A particularly dynamic and inventive Portuguese jazz trio, acting in the frontier line between the "mainstream" and the so called avant-garde. "Oneiros" proposes a particular jazz vision for the 21st century, with an interesting use of electronics. The double bass is assisted by a pedal box, and Almeida likes to loop his rhythmic lines once in a while. The trumpet is sometimes digitally processed in real time, giving us different results than the ones presented by Santos Silva with her own quintet or the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos.

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