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Headscan is an electronic duo from Montreal, Canada, who fuses futuristic dancefloor-oriented music with dark cinematographic soundscapes. The band combines the best elements of electro-industrial and cinematic ambient resulting in a sound that is fresh and exciting, while holding true to its predecessors in electronic music. Claude Charnier (music) & Christian Pomerleau (vocal + visuals) have been active in Montreal's local alternative music scene since early 1990's through many projects, particularly within the techno-industrial outfit Insurgent, which is a hard and intense mix of electronic and acoustic music. Co-founder of that band, Claude did the music for two releases, System Structure Security and Supercollider, before leaving the group in 1999 to focus on a mainly electronic music project. Christian came to be a singer of Insurgent later in that band's history before creating Headscan with Claude, bringing also his talents in motion graphics and web design to the band. They released a self-produced EP entitled High-Orbit Pioneers in 2000. Having signed to Artoffact Records in 2001, they released their first album entitled Shaper and Mechanist to great reviews worldwide. Dark moods, electronic voices, bubbling basses, and relentless beats create a futuristic soundscape for the new dark ages inspired in parts by the writings of science-fiction author Bruce Sterling. In September, 2005, Headscan joined the Alfa Matrix label for Europe for the release of their much anticipated new album Pattern Recognition. A mind-blowing sonic assault that offers us a window to what the future of electronic music will ultimately be and firmly places Headscan amongst the elite of electro-industrial made in Canada. The band resurfaced back in 2013 from a prolonged leave of absence after spending time in exploring other artistic avenues (Aether Pilot, Bioskop, and Le Cartographe). Their first demo-record "Tesseract" from the yet untitled upcoming album was published on April 9, 2013 and can be found on the official website.

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