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There are several artists using the name Daniel: 1. José Daniel Camillo, better known as Daniel, is a Brazilian singer of popular music. His music blends elements of soul, funk, classic mpb, forró(forro)(a popular style of music from Brazil's northeast), and most importantly sertaneja(southern and southeastern Brazil's country music). Bborn in the city of Brotas in the interior of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, on the 9th of September 1968, Daniel began playing music with his father, and by the age of 5 he had already begun playing the guitar, and later he began to participate in the festivals of the region, where he met João Paulo (José Henrique dos Reis). Together they formed a dupla (meaning a pair or duo, the most popular type of group in sertaneja music), and their first record was released in 1985. In 1997 João Paulo died in an automobile accident on the rodovia dos Bandeirantes, coming from São Paulo to the city of his birth, Brotas, and in the following year Daniel began a solo career. He has produced 13 albums including the series Meu Reino Encantado, Caipirinha, Un Homem Apaixonado, and most recently, Amor Absoluto, which was nominated but did not win an award for best romantic music album at the 7th annual latin grammy awards at Madison Square Gardens in New York in 2006. Many of his songs are streamable at 2. Daniel is Daniel Francés, born in Barcelona Spain, a singer-songwriter of latin and pop rock. He was born in 1980, and is an unusual artist in that his primary profession is construction work. He has released one album, Donde me quieras llevar, in 2003. A few of his songs, like his hit 'Dime donde vives' are streamable at 3. Daniel is a band Based out of Flat Rock, Michigan. This band is nothing more than three friends trying to make music that mixes the likes of Thrice riffs, Bury Your Dead breakdowns and vocals that are actually able to be sung, by someone who can sing. They are probably hardcore or metal or a combination of the two. 4. Daniel is a Danish singer who sang a new version of the old Neil Sedaka-song "Love Will Keep Us Together". 5. Daniel is a Eurobeat vocalist for Delta Records. His real name is Marco Rancati. The songs he has released under the alias so far are "One More Try", "Bach Is Back" (with Cherry), "Frontal Impact", "My Heart Radio", "Full Metal Cars", "Spirit Of The Night", and "My Gasoline". 6. Daniel is a Russian musician, works on ambient, minimal and noise scene. 7. Daniel is a singer from Iceland who represented his country in 1989 at the Eurovision Song Contest. Daniel (Cyrillic: Даниел) is the stage name of Milan Popović (Милан Поповић) (born October 29, 1955 in Titograd, SR Montenegro, Yugoslavia,), a Montenegrin pop singer who was very popular in Yugoslavia, most notably in Croatia. He is sometimes credited as Danijel Popović (Данијел Поповић). Julie / Dzuli was a hit all over Europe, a feat that couldn't even be repeated by Yugoslav 1989 Eurovision winners Riva. The song was covered by people as diverse as Arne Jansen & Les Cigales (in Dutch as Julie), Martin (in Dutch as Julie) and Rex Gildo (in German as Ihr Name war Julie). 9. Daniel is Daniel Coughlin, based in Tokyo, Japan.

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