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Their are 3 known bands under this name: 1. Alter In the mist a bell is tolling and the crow sounds his dire warning. The funeral shroud adorns its lifeless bearer. Alter creeps like the fog of a thousand weeping brides, a serenade of gothic tragedy consumed by loss and battered by countless defeats. Alter, one half of the bleak doom ghosts Pussygutt, sings a lament of sorrow under a cold full moon. A mystical tale of dark, dreary sadness told by candlelight in the graveyard of centuries past. Succumb to despair and taste thy grief everlasting. Alter is now known as Aelter. 2. Born in 2002 ALTER (Al+er) is a Mexican band dedicated to express what lies hidden in an AlteR world: A world which lingers in every one of us. They are the messengers of this world, bringing you what truths lie hidden in life with their lyrics and taking you there. "I am what you fear and what you hide, who am I then?" AL+ER 3. Alter Edwin began Alter in Charlotte, NC. by simply experimenting with electronics. Influenced by groups like Aphex Twin and Download. These were very primative songs mostly very experimental ritualistic audio excursions. Throught out these early years he collaborated off and on with another local musician Ben. Edwin eventually relocated to Atlanta, GA. From 2003-2005 Alter began producing electronic music of various styles and structures. Some of these songs were heavy on the synth pop side along with more Industrial rock sounding songs as well. Truthfully though if you name a style, Alter has tried it. In all about 3 albums worth of early material plus material for a more heavy side project was produced. In early 2006 Edwin put Alter on the shelf and joined a local Atlanta terror-EBM project. The project shared some success but Edwin longed to go back to his own project and pick up where he left off. Edwin revived Alter in early 2007. Alter has returned as the main project of Edwin. Ben also returned as a live member of the group as well as the addition of Gomez on Bass guitar. Edwin immediately brought some of his Terror/EBM fallout sound he used in his other project. However Alter sounds like an altogether different beast. This is Pure Southern Industrial. Influenced by the edge of decay the country hangs on. These are songs of the abyss. A full length album is in production and is expecting release by December 2007

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