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Crystal Viper is a Polish heavy metal band, formed in Katowice (Poland) in 2003 by vocalist Marta Gabriel (professional musician, 1st grade) and her husband - Bart Gabriel (manager and producer known from cooperation with a bunch of classic Heavy Metal bands). After several demo recordings Crystal Viper entered the Kat Recording Studio to record the "Wild Child" song, for "A Tribute To W.A.S.P." CD compilation (released in 2006 by Codiac Records, Denmark). In April of 2005, two members of the legendary New Wave Of British Heavy Metal act Elixir came to Poland, to record the song "Chaos Rising" with Crystal Viper for "A Tribute To Cirith Ungol" CD & LP compilation (Solemnity Music, 2006). After several line up changes, since 2006 Crystal Viper consists of the following members: Marta Gabriel - vocals Tommy Roxx - bass guitar Andy Wave - guitar Vicky Vick - guitar Golem - drums In the summer of 2006 Crystal Viper recorded their next cover song - this time it was "Flaming Metal Systems" for "A Tribute To Manilla Road" compilation - again with a special guest: Piotr Luczyk, guitarist of the ultimate Polish Metal legend Kat, recorded the opening guitar solo. A few days later the band inked a deal with German label Karthago Records (home of such cult bands as: Noisehunter, Gravestone, No Trouble and many others). A few months after recording the song for the Manilla Road tribute album, Crystal Viper returned to the Zed Studio to record a debut full length concept-album titled "The Curse Of Crystal Viper". Intro for the album was recorded by another very special guest: Gerrit P. Mutz, lead singer of the famous German True Heavy Metal band Sacred Steel. The debut CD is out now, and soon High Roller Records (Germany) will release it on limited edition vinyl LP as well. Crystal Viper's style can be described as a combination of Speed and Heavy Metal (Running Wild, Accept, Stormwitch), the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (Elixir, Angel Witch, Iron Maiden), and Epic Metal (Manilla Road, Zed Yago, Manowar). Crystal Viper is also known from theatrical live shows, and already had the pleasure to share the stage with acts such as Doro, Hammerfall, Stratovarius, Cradle Of Filth, Deathstars, and other bands.

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