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Time 2 Shine (2012)
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Sportpark Den Donk, Netherlands, Oisterwijk (31/May/2019)
Unknown venue, Netherlands, Eindhoven (09/Jun/2019)
Unknown venue, Portugal, Matosinhos (28/Jun/2019)
Salzburgring, Austria, Salzburg (03/Jul/2019)
Electric Love Festival, Austria, Salzburg (03/Jul/2019)

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If we go way back, it all began with a simple mixer and a set of cd-decks (pretty obvious huh?). Marcus Nordli and Kenth Kvien got their interest in electronical music way back as youngsters, looking up at the major djs. As time flew by, the both started djing and met up at a local party here in Oslo, Norway (2004). They were both djing at this party, and became friends. Marcus had been producing some cheesy dancemusic for a couple years, and Kenth got the same interest not long after they met. They started producing together, Kenth learning what Marcus knew and vice versa. At first it was mainly hard trance, then some hardhouse / techno. But it wasn't untill fall 2007 that these 2 guys started their "career" as hardstyle producers. After completing their first two hardstyle tracks (Angeli Domini and Crowsong), they decided to send it to a couple of labels. Wow... That's when things started to happen! One day Marcus did a search on google for "Da Tweekaz", and both these songs were leaked all over russian/polish and german mp3 sites! You might think that this was a bad thing, but people started noticing these songs. Da Tweekaz quickly became a known name in the scene (internet-scene to be more accurate). So they continued making more tracks, only this time using alot more time on each track, trying to be as original as possible. And one day, they we're contacted by Dj's United Records. Their first release was now a fact. As for now, they're still working in their small bedroom studio each week, just playing around with synths and software. Trying to achieve an original sound within the hardstyle community. Hopefully one day to be behind the decks at some major gig in Holland.

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