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4 x The Washdown - Right Foot
4 x The Washdown - Kansas City
4 x The Washdown - Ladies and Gentlemen

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"The Washdown were a five piece rock band formed to play rock and roll music in 2001. Whether or not they achieved this has can be argued, but it is certain that they plugged in their amps and turned them on. They officially stopped being a band in 2005. In the late 90's to the early 2000's, Ryan Hess and Michael Waksman discussed doing a rock band that somehow would embody the sensibility of Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. At the same time Hess and Bryan Bates were discussing starting a band that would be along the lines of Tight Bros and Hot Snakes. One drunken night it was agreed they would go down to a practice warehouse and do this thing, originally getting Simon Baker (previously of Versailles) to play the drums. The first practice was a drunken glorious mess and two songs were written. By the next practice Simon decided he was no longer going to be involved and the guys brought in Heath Dupras to play drums instead. They wrote five songs under the name The Dead America and decided to string them together into one blurry set to be played at maximum speed and volume at their favorite local bar in exchange for free beer. At some point they added the guitarist Gregg Schmidt and Hess moved to vocals only position. They recorded a five song demo, changed their name to The Washdown, and signed to Lookout! Records. Lookout! put out their demo as an EP and allowed them the chance to record a full length record. They did a few tours, had ups and downs personally, and raised three beautiful children." from:

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