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Origins The band is a duo made up of William Freed and Richard Bell. The band has also collaborated with other artists including William Freed's wife Jessica Rae Freed of Bear Ears Old Folks Home/ Lions To Lightning Originally from Clarkston, MI, William Freed and Richard Bell moved to Minneapolis, MN in the Fall of 2008 before starting Dada Trash Collage later that year. When asked about the bands inspiration by the music blog Ash Tapes, William Freed said "Dada Trash Collage to me, is all about composing with sound rather than instruments. It really allows me to keep things exciting for myself to know that anything and everything can become part of the final product." Dada Trash Collage released their first album Old Folks Home in January of 2009. Less than 4 months later they would release their second full length record "Lions To Lightning" on April, 11th 2009. Around this time Dada Trash Collage began gaining notoriety in the Minneapolis music scene for their "Avant-Garde" live shows , as well as their "Prolific Output" rapidly releasing new material. Rain War Ep/ Neighbors In October of 2009 Dada Trash Collage traveled to Seattle, Wa to begin work on their 3rd studio album with producer Scott Colburn. They spent ten days in the studio recording what would become their next two releases, the 4 song Rain War EP, and their third full length record Neighbors. When asked in an Interview for Minneapolis City Pages about working with Scott Colburn, William Freed said "The amount of knowledge he has is so incredible," says William Freed. The singer originally emailed Colburn on a whim, but the producer invited Freed and drummer Richard Bell to stay with him and his wife so that the pair could record with him in Seattle. "I've worked with producers before in other bands, but never with someone who knew exactly what I was trying to accomplish and what it would sound like. I learned a lot just being out there." 2010 Tours/Festivals Shortly after the Release of Neighbors in May of 2010, Dada Trash Collage started gaining attention from national and international music publications. When Richard Bell stopped playing with the band in early 2010 for medical reasons, Freed continued Dada Trash Collage as a solo project. Playing mostly new material Dada Trash Collage spent the majority of 2010 touring the United States including a tour with Zola Jesus, and Jabon (Scott Colburn), and stops at Pop Montreal, and CMJ in New York City. It was in Montreal that Freed met Italian band Father Murphy, and would end up performing with the project for a special show alongside Deerhoof, and Brooklyn duo Buke and Gass on the last night of the festival. A live recording from the show of the song "You Got Worry" would later be released as part of a special compilation album to benefit the Italian label Hybrida Cool Waves/ Bad Days Shortly after CMJ Dada Trash Collage released their 4th full length record Cool Waves/ Bad Days in October of 2010. Cool Waves/ Bad Days was met with praise from music publications, and listeners alike being described as "William Freed's most accomplished work so far" Cool Waves/ Bad Days was also heavily influenced by Science Fiction films, borrowing many of it's song titles from Sci-Fi films. When asked about this in an interview Freed had this to say "On my new record "Cool Waves/ Bad Days" sci-fi films had a huge influence on things both lyrically, and sonically. There are so many dense human emotions bottled up in those stories, and there is no limit as to where those films may go. I think having that mindset was really important to me while I was writing the album." Ambitious Out Of Control It was also around this time that Freed began writing what would become "Ambitious Out Of Control", a multi-media collaboration with Bear Ears (Jessica Freed) and Richard Bell once again returning to the group. The album described as "Heavily Contagious"[Online Publications 4] was over a year in the making, making it the longest running project in the bands history, and was released "on 12″ vinyl. The 10-track LP comes packed full of gifts, including a silent film, to be watched simultaneously with the album". on the bands very own Burn The Witch Collective Records in October of 2011. In June of 2011 Richard Bell returned to perform in Dada Trash Collage once again, before the band would once again tour the country with Jabon (Scott Colburn) 2012/Fun Fund EP In the fall of 2011, In their new Michigan studio, Dada Trash Collage began work on the "Fun Fund EP" inviting longtime friend, and collaborator Scott Medlen to join the group on guitar. The Fun Fund EP is set to be released on February,7th,2012 as a split cassette with the Minneapolis, MN band "M O R O" on the L.A. based tape label MJ MJ Records Members William Freed (Lead Vocals, Samples, Synths, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Production) Richard Bell (Drums, Percussion, Samples, Synths, Backup Vocals) Scott Colburn (Producer) Jessica Freed "Bear Ears" (Vocals-Ambitious Out Of Control) Scott Medlen (Guitar) Discography Old Folks Home (2009) Lions To Lightning (2009) Rain War EP (2010) Neighbors (2010) Cool Waves/ Bad Days (2010) Looking At The Ground 7" (2011) Ambitious Out Of Control (2011) Fun Fund EP (Feb, 2012) Bandcamp Myspace Website

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