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Farben Lehre
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Upcoming Live Shows
Stary Klasztor, Poland, Wrocław (11/Sep/2020)
Klub U Bazyla, Poland, Poznan (12/Sep/2020)
Jarocinski Ośrodek Kultury, Poland, Jarocin (13/Sep/2020)
The Mash House, UK, Edinburgh (25/Sep/2020)
Nambucca, UK, London (26/Sep/2020)

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Farben Lehre (Farbenlehre: German for "Theory of Colour") - polish punk band founded in Plock by Wojtek Wojda and Marek Knap. They played their 1st concert in Plock, 13th of October 1986. Farben Lehre today: Wojtek Wojda - voc Konrad Wojda - guitar, voc Adam Mikolajewski - drums Filip Grodzicki - bass ex-members: Marek Knap - drums (1986-87) Piotr Kokoszczynski - bass, voc (1986-98) Pawel Nowak - acoustic guitar, voc (1986-87) Piotr Bartus - drums (1987-88) Bogdan Pawłowski - keyboard, voc (1987-89) Krzysztof Sieczkowski - drums (1988-91) Bogdan Kicinski - guitar, voc (1989-98) Irek Bukowski - bass (1990) Paweł Malecki - guitar, voc (1993-95) Jacek Trafny - drums (1999-2002) Robert Chabowski - guitar, voc (1986-93 and 2002-04) Discography: 1991 - "Bez Pokory" (Without humility) 1993 - "My Maszyny" (We, robots) 1994 - "Samo zycie" (Just life) - live disc 1995 - "Nierealne Ogniska" - (Unreal focal points) 1995 - "Insekty" (Insects) 1996 - "Zdrada" (Betrayal) 1996 - "garazowka" (Tape from the garage) 2001 - "Atomowe Zabawki" (Atomic toys) 2001 - "Wiecznie Mlodzi" (Forever Young) - The Best of - disc edited due to 15th anniversary of the band. 2003 - "Bez pokory / My maszyny" - compilation / re-edition 2003 - "Pozytywka" (Music box; it's a wordplay, as "pozytywny" means positive in Polish) 2004 - "Insekty / Zdrada" compilation / re-edition 2005 - "Farbenheit" (title refers to Fahrenheit 9/11 movie) 2006 - "Farben Lehre" 2CD compilation 2008 - "Snukraina" (Dreamland) 2009 - "Ferajna" (Gang/Bunch) Farben Lehre music is aggressive, melodious, full of fun with play, and free from complexes. Sharp, but accessible sounds and sincere words present spiritual attempt to connect with second person. Their music is influenced by bands like: Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Clash, Pogues, Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion, Rancid, Greenday, Ska-P, Ukrainians, U2, Clawfinger, Nirvana, R.E.M, New Model Army or The Rolling Stones. Most important lyrics of Farben Lehre are: "Helikoptery"(The Helicopters), "Egoisci" (The Egoists), "Nierealne ogniska"(Unreal Fires), "Handel"(Commerce), "Nowy dzien" (New Day), "Rozkolysanka" (Uncradle Song), "Wiecznie mlodzi" (Forever Young), "Matura 2001" (Secondary-school certificate 2001), "Pozytywka" (Positive Song), "Judasz" (Judas), "Terrorystan" or "Pogodna" (Fine). Farben Lehre concentrates on concert-tours; they discovered big tour called Punky Reggae Live (initially called Pankregeparty) and it`s been organized from 2004 annually, they also play "single" concerts; they have concerts with bands like The Vibrators, The Exploited, Ine Kafe, Slobodna europa, Smola A Hrusky, UK Subs, Oi Polloi, Die Toten Hosen, Dritte Wahl and others and gave 99 concerts in 2006. The band's motto is: We will play to the moment, when it makes pleasure to us To the moment, when we have something to say To the moment when we have power And to the moment when that what we're doing, is wanted by someone...

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