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Originally produced by Coldcut on the ninja tune independent record label, the DJ Food project started in 1990 on the premise of providing metaphorical "food for DJs". DJ Food released the Jazz Brakes series, with Jazz Brakes Volume 3 being the most successful. The records consisted of collections of breaks, loops and samples, ideal for mixing, remixing and producing the trademark ninja tune blend of jazz & hip hop. Volumes 4 and 5 of the Jazz Brakes series, co-created with DJ / producer PC transcend the breakbeat compilation format to stand as artist albums in their own right. The later DJ Food albums have developed with shades of latin, dub, techno, ambient, and jungle flavouring the funk. The 1995 album, A Recipe For Disaster was a conscious move away from the Jazz Brakes volumes to form more of an identity as an artist, and a remix album of tracks from all 6 LPs, entitled Refried Food was released the following year. Their last release, Kaleidoscope, featured guest artists including Bundy K. Brown (formerly of Tortoise, Directions In Music, Pullman) and voiceover artist and jazz poet, Ken Nordine). With a seemingly single DJ name, it is often wrongly assumed that DJ Food is single person. In fact, a whole host of DJs, producers and musicians have performed under the name, so the evolutionary nature of the DJ Food sound comes as no surprise. Matt Black and Jonathan More (aka Coldcut) were responsible for starting Jazz Brakes series in the early 90s. Along the way they met Patrick Carpenter, who, being listed on the liner notes simply by his initials, was often mistakenly thought to be a Personal computer. A loose collaborative team began to form as more like-minded people arrived at the party, including Paul Brook, Paul Rabiger, Strictly Kev and Issac Elliston. Although keeping their hand in as DJs on the albums, Matt & Jon couldn't perform DJ sets twice in one night under both aliases of Coldcut & DJ Food, so they handed the mantle of live DJing over to PC and Strictly Kev. Later, PC became so busy with The Cinematic Orchestra that he decided to quit, at least temporarily leaving DJ Food as a Strictly Kev solo project. In addition to The Cinematic Orchestra, PC also recorded with J. Swinscoe under the band name Neptune. Strictly Kev has recorded under the name Flexus. Album Discography * Jazz Brakes Vol. 1 (Oct 1990, Cat No. ZENCD 001) * Jazz Brakes Vol. 2 (Sep 1991, Cat No. ZENCD 002) * Jazz Brakes Vol. 3 (Jul 1992, Cat No. ZENCD 003) * Jazz Brakes Vol. 4 (Jun 1993, Cat No. ZENCD 006) * Jazz Brakes Vol. 5 (Oct 1994, Cat No. ZENCD 010) * A Recipe For Disaster (Oct 1995, Cat No. ZENCD 020) * Refried Food (remix album) (Jan 1996, ZENCD 021) * Kaleidoscope (Apr 2000, Cat No. ZENCD 047) * Quadraplex EP (Febr 2001, Cat No. ZENCDS 091) * One Man's Weird is Another Man's World EP (July 2009, Cat No. ZEN232) * The Shape Of Things That Hum EP (Dec 2009, Cat No. ZEN252) Refried Food was re-released in 2003 as a double CD, with additional remixes. DJ Mix albums Quadraplex was recorded on the same session as Kaleidoscope and is it's accompanying EP. * Blech II: Blechsdottir (1996, released on Rough Trade in Germany, Cat No. RTD 126.3175.2) Mixed by PC and Strictly Kev. * Plastic Apple (Oct 1996, released on Aura Surround Sounds, Cat No. SUCD 005) Disc 1: a 56 minute mix by DJ Food. Discs 2 & 3 are by the artist MLO * ColdKrushCuts (Feb 1997, Ninja Tune, Cat No. ZENCD 026) A mix album collaboration between Coldcut, DJ Krush and DJ Food * Solid Steel Presents DJ Food & DK: Now, Listen! (October 2001, Cat No. ZENCD055) Mix album for Ninja Tune's Solid Steel mix series, with producer, DK. * Various - Raiding The 20th Century - Words & Music Expansion (Jan 2005, Ninja Tune, Catalog No. none) Originally aired January 18th, 2004 by Strictly Kev on XFM's The Remix show in London, Raiding the 20th Century is an attempt to catalogue the history of cut up music - be it avant garde tape manipulation, turntable megamixes or bastard pop mash ups. Shortly after he had played it, Strictly Kev read Paul Morley's Words & Music and was amazed how certain chapters mirrored parts of his mix. Apart from the fact that the title, Raiding the 20th Century, was coined by Morley 20 years before for a future Art of Noise project, he also featured Alvin Lucier, who - purely by chance - was sampled on the opening track of the mix. Kev thus decided to expand his idea and make it a defnitive document on cut up music, including many other parts formerly omitted by the constraints of the original radio session. After months of research, he tracked Morley down and they recorded passages from Words & Music specially for the mix in an attempt to marry the two and finish something that neither of them actually started. A year to the day of the original airing, the newly expanded version was ready, gathering 167 tracks in a 59 minutes long DJ mix. *DJ Food & DK - Now Listen Again (Ninja Tune ZENCD123, 2007-04-02) Solid Steel mix album.

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