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O.S.T.R. (also known as Ostry, real name Adam Ostrowski, born May 15, 1980 in Łódź, Poland) is a recognized Polish hip-hop artist. As a rapper and producer, O.S.T.R. has managed to stay true to the rap game despite his big success in Poland. He has also stayed loyal to the underground audience as opposed to more commercial rappers supported by the mass-media. He began his career as a hip-hop artist in 1993. He was a member of the hip-hop band, BDC beginning in 1995. BDC was renamed LWC in 1998 and the following year, O.S.T.R. left LWC and began to collaborate with Obóz TA. He currently works as both a solo artist and is one half of a duo with producer Emade called POE (Projekt Ostry Emade). In the 5 years since signing a contract with label Asfalt Records, he has managed to produce 7 LP's (6 of which contain beats made by Ostry himself, one of which was double length CD) and one mixtape filled with selected freestyles. He is famous for his outstanding freestyle rap skills and extremely energetic performances. O.S.T.R. is said to be the uncrowned king of Polish freestye. His lyrics focus on various topics including current social and political matters, such as joint smoking and unemployment. When composing music, O.S.T.R. seeks his inspiration from jazz and funk classic records (he has been playing the violin since childhood). His recent album (a 7" from 2006) was composed with an MPC sampler and a keyboard. For a short period, he was a presenter in the television program "Yo!MTV Raps", but he resigned due to the fact that the show was too commercial. Recently, he made a short appearance in the film "Z Odzysku" (with a performance in the background of one of scenes); one of the songs from the original soundtrack was recorded by O.S.T.R. In April 2007, O.S.T.R. produced the album "Normal Magic" as a member of the group, Skill Mega. Record label: Albums: 2000 - "Saturator" (demo) 2001 - "Masz to jak w banku" 2002 - "30 minut z życia, 100% freestyle" 2002 - "Tabasko" 2003 - "Jazz w wolnych chwilach" (2CD) 2004 - "Jazzurekcja" 2005 - Projekt Ostry Emade - "Szum rodzi hałas" 2006 - "7" 2007 - "HollyŁódz" 2008 - "Ja tu tylko sprzątam" 2009 - "O.C.B." 2010 - "Tylko dla dorosłych"

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