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Like six people emerging out of a Charles Bukowski story, Far From Finished rises from the pages to remind you just how fucked up life is and just how dangerously humorous our filthy little secrets and insecurities can be. They blaze the tragic line between shame and comfort, leaving no one safe along the way. Every song leads you through a story, an opinion, or cry for help. You're brought back to a time where every breath you drew was innocence, as you fall with every minor and rise with every major. The story of Far From Finished begins in New York. They're your average kids saying "fuck all" and grabbing the world by the balls. We're here, we're fucked up, it's our own fault, and we love it. It doesn't take long however, to find out that the world is an unforgiving place, and it'll always be stronger. New York becomes Boston, and demons paired with melodies become songs. With the release of their first record, Far From Finished set out on their relentless attack of touring. "Eastside of Nowhere" (GMM Records) hit stores on April 5th, 2005. The first US Tour started on April 7th, 2005. More than thirty dates of DIY touring brought five kids to places they never thought they'd see, and put them in front of people that they'll never forget. April 30th, 2005: 1:00 AM, final day of the first American tour. Far From Finished is traveling northbound on a Pennsylvania interstate, when fate catches up with each individual in the form of a near fatal accident. Their van and trailer collide with a deer and are then hurled over a guardrail. What ensued next was imminent death. Five young men rolling down a cliff, trapped within the confines of American made steel. For whatever reason: divine intervention, physics, or dumb fucking luck, everyone survives. Through thick and thin the band pushed on. Completing multiple tours of the US, with stops in Canada, and two European tours, playing in both the smallest of dives and huge arenas, and sharing the stage with punk rock staples such as the Dropkick Murphy's, Less Than Jake, and the Real Mckenzies. Somewhere on the road they found time to stop by Do-Tell records and record a split with Hellcat's L.A. ska-punks Left Alone. With a large amount of help from friends in the punk world, a little luck, and their stubborn refusal to give up, Far From Finished has overcome adversity that would have been the end of most bands. While they have trod a hard and rocky road, every obstacle and disaster simply confirms the band's commitment that this is the place and time where they want to be. Let other so-called punk bands play dress-up, strike a pose, and eventually disappear; Far From Finished will continue to fight their way through the bullshit with music that expresses both the anger of alienated youth, and the sorrow of a troubled soul. Be on the lookout for the band as they hit the road once again in support of their next album, "Living in the Fallout". With producer Jim Siegel, (Dropkick Murphy's, Give Up The Ghost, The Unseen) Far From Finished has created a flawless assault of new tracks, showcasing a natural progression, and an album that will prove how Far From Finished is bringing real spirit and true determination back to rock and roll. The disc is scheduled for a July 17th release through Think Fast! Records in the USA and People Like You in Europe. As always, thank you for the support, and we'll see you on the road... FROM :

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