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Fanfarlo are a London-based indie/alternative band formed in 2006 by Swedish musician Simon Balthazar. They fuse elements of folk, indie rock and post-punk using eclectic instrumentation including trumpet, violin, mandolin, musical saw, clarinet and saxophone. Since their formation they have released three regular studio albums and one EP.
The band, whose name comes from the Charles Baudelaire novella La Fanfarlo, started performing live in small London indie clubs in 2006, and released four limited edition 7" singles on London-based indie labels (one of which a split single with Sleeping States) throughout 2006–2008.

Their debut album Reservoir was recorded in October/November 2008 at Tarquin Studios, Connecticut, USA and was produced by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol). The album was released in February 2009 on the band's own label Raffle Bat and later licensed to the Atlantic imprint Canvasback, who released it in the UK and US in October 2009 and in Europe in April 2010.

Their single "The Walls Are Coming Down" was released during September 2009. The music video for the single was directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard and features escape artist Roslyn Walker performing the Hanging Straitjacket Escape, a stunt first performed by Harry Houdini in the early 1900s. The stunt was also incorporated into the band's show at Webster Hall in New York on December 19, 2009 (this time by escape artist Michael Lee).

In early September 2011, the band announced on their website that their newest album, Rooms Filled with Light was finished and posted a video of the first song, "Replicate". The album was released on February 28, 2012 in the United States, and on February 27 everywhere else.

In October 2013 the band released The Sea EP which is the first part of a Science Fiction/speculative/Utopian concept project. The lyrical content of this whole project presents a discussion about where humanity has come from(potentially), what we have become and here we are heading. This is spoken of in terms of culture and science. The band have described their current sound as Space Opera meets Spaghetti Western. Around the same time, the band recruited Valentina Magaletti (ex-Bat for Lashes) on drums and percussion.

On February 10th 2014 the band released third regular studio album, titled "Let's Go Extinct" on their own New World Records label. They are currently on tour.

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