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Gary Wehrkamp and Dc Cooper are no strangers to working together. Gary is the keyboardist, guitarist and producer of veteran proggers, Shadow Gallery. Dc Cooper appeared on their 1999 conceptual piece, Tyranny as a guest vocalist on the epic track, New World Order. Fans of Shadow Gallery have longed for a Wehrkamp/Cooper collaboration ever since. DC Cooper is the voice behind the Power Prog-metal band, Silent Force. Before joining forces with guitarist Alex Boyrodt to form Silent Force, he was vocalist for veteran proggers Royal Hunt. Nick D'Virgilio is one of the highest rated drummers in prog today. Besides being the driving force behind Spock's Beard, he has also played with Mike Keneally, Kevin Gilbert, Tears for Fears and Genesis. Nick takes drumming to the next level on Voice In The Light with an over the top performance that adds emotion, heart and a sonic punch that makes the bands debut album a must hear. Kurt Barabas is one of the founding members of Los Angeles based Under the Sun and along with Shadow Gallery was part of the prog revival spearheaded by Magna Carta records in the early 90's. Kurt's bass playing is often singled out as the driving force of Under The Sun. Voice In The Light is the debut release from the powerhouse symphonic prog-metal band Amaran's Plight. The clever and inventive writing skills of Gary Wehrkamp and DC Cooper are evident with the many memorable melodies, riffs and chops as well as mind numbing instrumentals and solos. The impressive rhythm section of Nick D'Virgilio and Kurt Barabas complete the circle with rock solid drumming and bass work. The band worked hard in 2006 to create a progressive album of epic proportion. The conceptual piece hosts memorable songs that fit the emotion and situation of the concept thus creating a classic album that many will be talking about for years to come. The concept was developed by writer, John W. Crawford who also contributed as musical director and lyricist. The concept is a look at one man's search for answers following a Near Death Experience. Key tracks include the Haunting, Incident at Haldeman's Lake, Revelation and the 14 minute epic, Shattered Dreams. The CD clocks in at 76 minutes and contains 13 tracks. Voice in the Light was produced and recorded by Gary Wehrkamp.

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