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Abducted by Sharks
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Abducted By Sharks is many things, a way for lead synthman Teo Acosta to vent his post-chip indie dance beats while also mixing in wide-hipped synth blast beats, or an opportunity for guitarist Jourdan Gaub to rock out and kick some faces. Before you really understand the quality of what you're listening to your head is nodding and you may be full on dancing your face off. The catchy melodies of the shark will haunt your dreams for days to come. To quote some fans: "Woah, your music is awesome. I like the part where it fucking rocks the entire time." - DJ Cutman "What the fuck just happened to my face. It's like it was there, but now there's a hole. Oh fuck you blew my face off. YOU BLEW MY FACE RIGHT THE HELL OFF, [ABDUCTED BY SHARKS]. RIGHT THE HELL OFF." - Dexter Tunseeprasert After the release of their first EP of 2012, they are ready to take on Seattle and show the Emerald City what it means to be Jawesome. A mix of dark electro, bright nintendo dance breaks, and the occasional tip of the hat to the wub-wubs Abducted By Sharks is ready to push the scene forward.

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