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NECRO STELLAR are veterans of Russian industrial music and are the living legend of the progressive underground. The band takes its origin in far 1988 when the permanent author and the ideologist of the project - Yuri Zvezdniy started recording his first songs and rehearsing with the early line up of the collective. Music of NECRO STELLAR is professional, complex in its structure and rather various, to be squeezed in frameworks of any musical movement and to be stuck with ridiculous style label which, both gray musical critics and worthless fans of interpretation and accuracy, aimed to spread out the world «on half-glasses», constantly and unsuccessfully search and do not find. The band members characterize the creativity as - the EXTRAPRESENCE.
In early 90s NECRO STELLAR were the first who opened such, nowadays, degenerated amusing styles as Dark Wave/Gothic and were the first to perform on the first gothic party in their country. But then this has not prevented them to split with low dark-glamour movement, which had degenerated rather fast rates.
As practice has shown, NECRO STELLAR are not capable to generate clones because of its uniqueness, the refined musical form, and extra saturated arrangement, let alone the internal substance, that in the certain sense makes it inaccessible to crowd-stylists.
NECRO STELLAR are expressive, eccentric, provocative and intolerant to the stagnant-rational world, criminal-gangster capitalism, glamour culture of breeding dances, school of survival at any cost, to social zoo-darvinism and other overshadow forms of consciousnesses.
NECRO STELLAR are hated by blogers, kitchen located internet cattle and sold themselves journalists, set their mind at rest youth and other grey worthless and featureless crowd, which is created to successfully shade the transcendental feat of the living legend of the Russian underground. The intensity of creative expression of the band is high enough. In this sense a harmonious combination of dadaism, existentialism and conceptualism, seal a semantic contour, emphasizing the shouting primitive animal energy which is characteristic for the last by the current moment album of the band "The Expanding Universe 1988-2008".
The spirit rising addressing of the band in the musical and visual component are represented with a special condition of consciousness which could presently be named by a word-combination - the transcendental anarchism and Russian metaphysical terrorism.

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