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La Blanche Alchimie
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The Italian dream-rock duo, La Blanche Alchimie, is formed by Federico Albanese and Jessica Einaudi. They started making music together in March 2007 after many solo projects. After a period of exploration and experimentation, playing with the possibilities inherent in fusing torch melodies, acoustic-rock sounds and cool beats, they found their own unique voice. It was the right time to record the nine original tracks that compose their homonymous album, 'La Blanche Alchimie'. Their influences come from the most eclectic array of styles always searching for a captivating and personal way of expression. Their songs are like magic dreams made of fairy tales and refined talking instruments. Federico is a multi-instrumentalist who faces music in a sophisticated and whirling way. His piano and guitar notes create the ideal musical tissue for Jessica's musical perceptions; her moving and gentle voice carries words of passion and unstableness. Their songs are the perfect synthesis of their alchemic union. The album might be considered a collection of visions or simply a concept on love and his facets. The harmonies and the continual dialogue between voice and music produce a very original sound. La Blanche Alchimie had a remarkable success during their live shows, and they have the ability to bring to life the romantic and decaying atmospheres interweaved in their songs . The duo is currently looking for the right label to publish their album " La Blanche Alchimie", to be released in the Autumn 2008.

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