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Bjørn Arild Lynne (born December 31, 1966) (also known as "Dr. Awesome" and "Divinorum") is a Norwegian sound engineer and music composer, now living and working in Stavern, Norway. He has been widely known as a tracker music composer under the name "Dr. Awesome/Crusaders" in the late 1980s–early 90s when he released numerous tunes in MOD format and created music for some Amiga games. His work during that time period was mostly released into the demoscene world.
In 1995 Bjørn moved to England and started working for the video game company Team17 as a sound designer and composer. He recorded most of his studio albums in England, including the Timura trilogy, inspired by the books of Allan Cole. Some of these albums have become quite popular, mostly among fans of indie music. In June 2005 Bjørn moved back to Norway and now works as a freelance composer and owns a plasma display shop.
Bjørn is known for his soundtracks for the Worms and Seven Kingdoms games as well as his own albums in various genres, from fantasy-medieval to progressive rock or even trance (released under the pseudonym "Divinorum"). His tunes have also been used in several TV-shows/movies.

In the later 1980s and 1990s, Bjørn worked in the demoscene using the name Dr. Awesome (the chosen pseudonym is a joke and "doesn't mean anything special" according to him). As a member of "Crusaders" demo-group he has created numerous demo soundtracks and standalone tunes in Amiga tracker format. During his demoscene period Bjørn has also made music for several Amiga games like "Qwak", "Brat" and some others (see discography for more info) and recorded his first studio albums: "Hobbits & Spaceships" and "Montage". Later on, some of these "oldschool" tracks would become parts of "Decade" and "Revive" albums. The last one also features some of Dr.Awesome's most popular tunes, recorded with live instruments.

Divinorum (Latin: Divine, Prophet) is Bjørn's project for writing electronic dance/trance music. Under this name he has recorded and published three albums, including a collaborative work with Aural Planet, called "Power Liquids". Although Divinorum music is very different from Lynne's fantasy/space tunes, it has got numerous positive reviews and got quite high rating on trance charts.
Note, that there's also a Brazilian trance project, named Divinorum which has released the "Lemon Flavored Kiss" album. Even though both band names are identical and genres are very close, neither "Lemon Flavored Kiss" nor the people behind it have anything to do with Bjørn Lynne's Divinorum.

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