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Diamonds & Dancefloors is the second studio album by American singer Ava Max. It was released on January 27, 2023, through Atlantic Records.

On February 12, 2022, Max cut off her signature "Max Cut" and dyed her hair red, sparking rumors about the start of a new era. On March 2, 2022, she confirmed that a song titled "Maybe You're the Problem" would be the lead single. She also stated that her upcoming album would be her most personal album to date. In an interview with Billboard, she revealed that she had been working on the album for the whole of 2021, which she refers to as "the hardest year" of her life. She also stated that she was "terrified" as her recently recorded music became more vulnerable.

On June 1, 2022, she revealed the album name and the main original cover art, first on social media, then on The Today Show. Max was seen on the original cover art covered in diamonds on the cover with a diamond in her mouth. The album is set to include 14 tracks in total.

The album was set for release on October 14, 2022, but was postponed to January 27, 2023 with the official main cover art which was unveiled on December 19, 2022.

Music and lyrics
Diamonds & Dancefloors is a pop and dance-pop record with a "synth-pop backbone" and "electropop melodies with some 90s synths and a touch of disco". According to Max, the sound and lyrics of the album "will make you cry and dance at the same time". She described the album's main theme as "basically heartbreak on the dancefloor". Unlike her previous album, Heaven & Hell, Max mentioned that Diamonds & Dancefloors is more about her personal life, especially her past relationships. The album contains lyrics about the deterioration and eventual breakdown of a relationship, as well as empowering and escapist lyrics.

Diamonds & Dancefloors opens with "Million Dollar Baby", a pop and Eurodance song, inspired by music from the 2000s. The song interpolates "Can't Fight the Moonlight" (2000) by LeAnn Rimes and contains lyrics based on the theme of empowerment, which begins with grief and ends in emancipation. The second track, "Sleepwalker", is a synth-pop song with "slick" production and a "nocturnal feeling", where Max sings about becoming the obsession of someone who has fallen in love with her. The third track, "Maybe You're the Problem", is a dance-pop and synth-pop song, with influences from Eurodance, Europop and music in the 1980s. The lyrics describe Max's initiation to depart from a relationship with a selfish partner. The fourth track, "Ghost", is an early 1990s house song with lyrics about not being able to forget an ex-lover. The fifth track, "Hold Up (Wait a Minute)", is a dance-pop song with elements of disco, where Max sings about her growing suspicion of her lover cheating on her with someone else. The sixth track, "Weapons", is a disco-pop and Europop song that contains lyrics about recognizing one's own fallibility and vulnerability and therefore becoming strong and "invincible". It is followed by the album's title track, an early 1990s house song that has been described as a "club anthem".

The eighth track, "In the Dark", contains "dark melodies" and lyrics about being loved only at night. It is followed by "Turn Off the Lights", a disco-influenced song where Max "promises euphoria once the lights go out". The tenth track, "One of Us", is a pop song inspired by 1980s disco and dance music, where Max sings about not wanting to hurt her lover. The eleventh track, "Get Outta My Heart", is an electronic dance song where Max sings about ditching an ex-lover. It samples the film score of the 1968 film Twisted Nerve. It is followed by "Cold as Ice", a disco-pop and dance-pop song with male backing vocals. The penultimate track, "Last Night on Earth", is an electro song with lyrics inspired by the disaster films Geostorm (2017) and San Andreas (2015). The album closes with "Dancing's Done", a Europop song where Max sings about what could happen at the end of the night between her and someone else.
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