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Daryl & Ossie
Artist Icon Keep Smiling With Daryl & Ossie (1976)
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From the duo who brought Hey Hey, It's Saturday to Australian screens (and Cartoon Corner prior to that), brings their second album, similarly done in a story-based comedic musical, aimed at the very children who were fans of the HHIS show in the 70's (and onwards).
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Oh my Lord, please Daryl Somers, would you just shut up. Look, yes, it's just a silly record for kids, so that's the main caveat for listeners and the get-out clause for Daryl. Like, okay, I'll bear in mind that he's got to share equal billing here with a pink ostrich. But the first song though, oh man, so gag-inducing, then as well as now. Why oh why did it have to lead off at track one? Well, I guess that's just to get it over with: "hey, I have this professionally trained singing voice so I deserve to, you know, sing seriously sometimes". Just wish it wasn't here though. However, once that's over with, it's back on track for one silly spiel after another of fantastically lame HHIS schtick, the stuff that all The Aussie Olde Fartes like me will fondly recall.

The best bits are created by all the pantomime-style stupidity, tracks such as "The Pirates' Treasure", "The Truth About Jack and the Beanstalk (Or Look Mum No Hands)" and "Fred, Alias Superfly". It makes this silly LP, like their first LP, a worthy collectable to losers like me. To hear Charlie Who go "aaaaaw!" and Fred Fly buzzing around prompts some seriously dormant memories to resurface: nine years old all over again. Not as good as their first, but in terms of Australian children's TV soundtracks from the 1970s it's light years ahead of Marilyn and Marty's ultra-painful Super Flying Fun Show LP. All the same, best received in small does though, one quick listen and I'm done for at least a year.

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