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Daryl & Ossie
Artist Icon Hey! Hey! It's Daryl & Ossie (1975)
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Calendar Icon 1975


Genre Icon Children


Mood Icon Cheerful


Style Icon Folk


Theme Icon Party


Speed Icon Medium

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From the duo who brought Hey Hey, It's Saturday to Australian screens (and Cartoon Corner prior to that), brings their debut album, done in a story-based comedic musical, aimed at the very children who were fans of the show in the 70's.

"Fantastic, Outstanding! Spectacular!...
Just a few of the words we used to describe this monumental achievement captured here for all time. We congratulate the Hammard Recording Company on its foresight in recognising the incredible potential of this duo. Destined to be acclaimed as the greatest stars in the firmament of Australian entertainment. Daryl & Ossie" *
*Self description from the album.
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User Album Review
Daryl & Ossie back in the old days, back when they were still funny, doing Hey Hey It's Saturday as a kids show on Saturday mornings in-between cartoons. This recording features them doing their embarassingly stupid and vaguely Goon Show-style skits: "meanwhile, in Sydney, a surgeon has transplanted an extra hand on to a garbage man's head so he can hold his nose while he empties the tins". Boom-boom. Hilarious to seven year olds. Big in Biddleonia.

It is totally necessary to skip over tracks where Daryl Somers is taking himself too seriously, cringefully believing himself as some kind of pop god, singing "Pedro The Donkey" and "I Love Mickey Mouse" as if he's the Tom Jones of children's television. Leaves no doubt that the real talent of HHIS was the pink-feathered ostrich.

What makes this LP essential to collector losers everywhere are Murray Tregonning's now-clichéd sound effects: that rattling of bottles, that "crash!" sound, that blow-dart "thwang!", that "burp!" And all those great Tregonning & Blackman characters: Mrs McGillicuddy, The Angel, Charlie Who, Fred Fly, The Elephants, The Pygmies, Detective Sgt Spanner and Sgt Petersicecream of Division Saturday, not to mention Manuel and Grotty At The Base. Some of the non-PC gags, such as Charlie Who exclaiming "hawww! right in my dimmy-simmy!", can never be repeated.

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