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Artist Icon TerrorVision (2018)
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Calendar Icon 2018


Genre Icon Death Metal


Mood Icon Angry


Style Icon Metal


Theme Icon ---


Speed Icon Medium

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Release Format Icon Album

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Speed Icon Century Media

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"TerrorVision" is the tenth studio album by Belgium-based death metal band Aborted. It was released on September 21, 2018 through Century Media.
Terrorvision isn’t just the follow-up to Retrogore . Written over a year and a half with producer Kristian 'Kohle' Kohlmannslehner, Aborted’s 10th full-length advances on Retrogore’s devilish descant by raising the stakes substantially. Quality over quantity.
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User Album Review
Death-grind mainstays Aborted are by far one of the most consistent bands in death metal, and while their latest record, TerrorVision, isn't the best one they've ever made, it's still a very worthwhile release. The record captures every type of moment a death metal fan could want — blast beats, grooves, a good vocal range and some fun breakdowns here and there — and it does so without overstaying its welcome.
The band tap into their melodic side a little more often than usual, particularly on tracks such as "The Final Absolution" and "Farewell to the Flesh" while laying down solid death-grind across most of the record. This isn't particularly surprising for Aborted, but it's always great to see a band consistently matching their standards from album to album without regurgitating material or trying drastically different sounds that don't match who they are.
They shake things up a little bit though, sparingly dropping the tempos from their usual non-stop onslaught. Breakdowns aren't frequent enough to become annoying, but rather add a breather to the chaos on songs such as "Vespertine Decay" or "TerrorVision." Even when the band are laying down brain-melting grind riffs though, they do so with laser-sharp precision.
Although it isn't the be-all end-all of Aborted releases, TerrorVision is a fine addition to the band's catalogue. The record has some forgettable moments, but overall it has enough to offer for fans to feel like they aren't getting a rehash of the band's phenomenal last record, Retrogore.
Reviewed by Joe Smith-Engelhardt for

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