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Artist Icon Definitely Maybe
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First Released

Calendar Icon 1994


Genre Icon Indie


Mood Icon Reflective


Style Icon Britpop


Theme Icon ---


Speed Icon Medium

Release Format

Release Format Icon Album

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Speed Icon Epic

World Sales Figure

Sales Icon 8,000,000 copies

Album Description
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Definitely Maybe é o aclamado álbum de estreia da banda britânica Oasis, lançado em agosto de 1994.

O álbum alcançou sucesso imediato e elogios da crítica inglesa. Quatro singles foram lançados: "Supersonic", "Shakermaker", "Live Forever" e "Cigarettes & Alcohol". Definitely Maybe é o segundo álbum de estreia a vender mais rápido na história de Inglaterra, porém é constantemente considerado como o melhor álbum de estreia de todos, tendo vendido cerca de 8 milhões de cópias em todo o mundo.

Em 2004, para comemorar os 10 anos do álbum, foi lançado um documentário em DVD contendo entrevistas, vídeos e fotos dos integrantes e envolvidos na produção do álbum. O DVD ganhou o prêmio da NME de melhor DVD de música.

Em maio de 2014 foi lançada uma versão remasterizada do disco, em comemoração do 20º aniversário do seu lançamento, que conta ainda com gravações inéditas e raras da banda. O material foi lançado em formato CD, download digital e consiste numa edição especial de 3CDs que inclui versões "demos" de músicas do grupo.
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User Album Review
In August 1994, just a few months after Kurt Cobain killed himself (and the grunge movement that he'd become the reluctant figurehead of), Oasis’ debut Definitely Maybe was released.
To put this seismic attitude shift into perspective: Kurt’s working title for the final Nirvana album, In Utero, was I Hate Myself And I Want To Die. Definitely Maybe’s most popular song is called Live Forever.
So how did two punters from Burnage, an unremarkable area of Manchester, become so famous? Despite the fact that the second album, (What’s the Story?) Morning Glory, sold more copies and propelled them to tabloid superstardom and 10 Downing Street, the answers are all here.
The album kicks off with Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, which Noel has since said was the end of everything he wanted to say as a songwriter. He’s right in a sense, as it’s easily one of the greatest songs about being up on stage ever written. On arguably Liam’s greatest ever vocal performance he goads all-comers with: "You’re not down with who I am / Look at you now you’re all in my hands tonight." And that’s without even considering the attendant guitar riffs that snag your brain like barbed wire on your best jumper. If you’ve got a mate or relative who’s having a bad time of it, play them this, then watch them grow 10 feet tall and walk down the street like they rule the whole world.
Although at this point it’s easy to imagine the faces of every other British band of the time sadly searching the classifieds for a new vocation, there are still 10 more tracks left. How about Supersonic, a sky-scraping anthem about individuality adopted by the masses? Or Cigarettes and Alcohol, a brash T Rex paean to hedonism? Or Bring It On Down, a non-stop, no-messing punk stomp to certain death or glory?
It’s easy to trot out the tired argument that these Mancs don’t have the power of The Stone Roses or The Smiths because the songs don’t have the wistful, melancholic air that one comes to expect from songs emerging from that rainy Lancashire city. Is it true to say "It’s just Beatles songwriting with Sex Pistols attitude"? Maybe. But have these songs transcended the Conservative-greyed and Britpop-glossed years in which they became public property to become heroic, gigantic pop monuments in their own right? Definitely.

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