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"Rain" (stylised as "Ra!n" on the cover art) is a song by Irish rock band The Script. It was written by James Barry, Camille Purcell, Mark Sheehan and Danny O'Donoghue, with the latter two and Andrew Frampton, Jimbo Wallace, Max Farrar handling the song's production. The song was released on 14 July 2017, through Sony Music, as the lead single from the band's fifth studio album Freedom Child.

The Script described the track as a "feel-good summer tune". "After a very long process of making 'Album 5', the song 'Rain' came right at the end. It's a summer song so we thought, only The Script can make it 'Rain in Summer'" the band stated. In an interview with Metro, the band regarded the single as a progression. "I think we have afforded ourselves a little bit of leeway. The past four records have been not the same sound but we've been progressing at a slow rate. It's been two years since we had something out so there's two years worth of progression in our music. I'm sure to a lot of people it might sound quite drastic at first but if they heard the 60 songs we've put out you'd hear a slower progression." When asked if their change in sound was deliberate, they said:

"When we started this record we wanted to do something where people would hear a song and go 'oh I love that song!' and then look it up and find it's us. We wanted to change our sound a push our sound a bit. It's either adapt, change or die in this industry. It's very difficult in this industry. We wanted to revamp and reboot the sound and at the end of the day we're still the same songwriters and that's never going to go away."

The band said that they always "want something different in our lives" and "hoping our songs penetrate different markets and gain new fans", They referred themselves as an ambitious band. "With Rain we just decided we needed something a bit lighter, you can't just walk into a party of people and start with a heavy topic. It's nice to have a bit of escapism that people can bob their head to and not be so serious about but when people peel the layers of the song they realise that lyrically we've gone deep but on the surface we wanted people to have a bit of fun."

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