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London, England

1996 to Present...

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Artist Biography
Dub Pistols are a London based dub music and big beat band, founded by ex-club promoter, Barry Ashworth, in 1996. The other members of the band were record producer and bassist Jason O'Bryan, Brooklyn producer and lyricist, T. K. Lawrence on vocals, Jap Slut guitarist John King, and turntablist DJ Stix / Steve Hunt. Guest songwriters and vocalists include Blade, James Dewes Sheffield (JMS), Rodney King and Terry Hall. In 2008 Dan Bowskill joined the band.

The band debuted in late 1998 with the singles "There's Gonna Be a Riot" and "Best Got Better". By the time of their 1998 debut album Point Blank, big beat appeared to have run its course, however Dub Pistols remained an infectious live draw, startling audiences in the United Kingdom and around the world. The group's second album, Six Million Ways to Live, appeared in 2001 and was followed a year later by the mix album Y4K: Next Level Breaks.

To date, they have released three studio albums as well as contributing to numerous film soundtracks, including Blade II, Bad Company, and Mystery Men. They have also released a significant number of remixed tracks from other artists. The most notable of these include a remix of Ian Brown's "Dolphins Were Monkeys", Limp Bizkit's "My Way", The Crystal Method's "Do It", and Moby's "James Bond Theme".

Their third album, Speakers and Tweeters was released in 2007 through Sunday Best and features T. K. Lawrence, JMS, Blade, Rodney P and Terry Hall.
Their latest album Rum'n'Coke was released in May 2009 to a wide musical acclaim.

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